This may sound a bit awkward, but the city of Houston is named the dirtiest city in the whole US. On the list, there’s also San Antonio, making two cities out of Texas State.

Annually, we Houstonians produce over 4.3 million tons of trash. But this is the time; we should make things correct. The best thing to do is cut the ratio of your residential waste and never skip your trash collection day

Ultimately this is one of the biggest challenges as the city government spent $6.3M in overtime last year, yet the trash schedule always needs to catch up.


But not anymore! This is going to be your ultimate guide for the city of Houston trash, recycling, and bulk pickup schedule. So, sit back and read on to never miss your garbage day in the future.

1. Houston Trash Pick-Up Schedule 2024

Residential garbage collection service starts at 7:00 am in the morning. The city is divided into 5 different zones. 

  • Regular trash is collected once a week.
  • Each area is assigned a specific day from Monday to Friday.
  • Recycling is collected every other week.
  • Bulk and yard waste are only picked up every other month.

Now the big question is how to find what day is assigned to your residential area..

How To Find Out Your Trash Collection Day?

There are two ways to know more about your garbage collection day. Either you can do it with the app or through my city portal. The easiest way is to check online. Here’s how to do it:

  • Navigate to the SWM collection schedule (click here)
  • Type your address in “ your next service day section”
  • Your trash day, recycling, and bulk waste month will appear
How To Find Out Your Trash Collection Day

All you need to do is click on the “specific trash type” to find out your assigned day. 

Houston Trash Pick-Up Rules

All homeowners are bound to follow the rules set by Texas state. Here’re 5 rules that you just can’t skip:

  • You must place your cart to the curb by 6:00 pm, the day before your scheduled collection.
  • The cart must be set out in such a way that it faces the street.
  • All containers must be at least 3 feet apart from each other.
  • Don’t overfill or hang bags along with your cart. The cart lid must close properly.
  • Once your trash is collected, you should retrieve your bin back by 10:00 pm of the same day.

Even though you can use an additional bag. But the add-ons must have a proper tag on them that can be purchased from Fiesta, HEB, Sellers Bros, and participating Kroger stores.

2. Houston Heavy Trash Pickup

The city of Huston has one of the best heavy trash and brush pickup services. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • Every other month there is a big trash day Huston.
  • The “large items” are always collected in “even months.”
  • Yard waste and Christmas trees are picked up on odd months.
Brush & Tree Pickup MonthsBulky & Large Items Pickup Months

Keep in mind that during the tree waste month, only tree limbs, branches, and stumps are allowed (not any wooden planks or broken furniture). Now the big question is when is your big trash day, depending on your zip code. Let’s find out.

When Is My Big Trash Day Houston?

Here’s how to find out:

  • Navigate to the SWM collection schedule (click here)
  • Type your address in “ your next service day section”
  • Then tap on “heavy trash pickup.”
When Is My Big Trash Day Houston

It is worth mentioning that your large items pickup day mainly depends on your zip code. But be assured that it is collected every other month.

How Much Bulk Trash Is Authorized For Collection In Hueston?

Only 8 cubic yards of bulk waste are allowed. That’s equivalent to about two pickup trucks. Out of this 8 yards limit, you can add about 4 cubic yards of construction debris. 

Houston Heavy Trash Pickup Rules

Like all other services, you’re bound to follow the laws set by the city waste management department. Here’re 5 important facts:

  • Only 4 tires are allowed per month.
  • Tree Waste and Junk Waste collection is limited to occupied residential units.
  • Placing your garbage in front of vacant properties is not allowed.
  • Appliances must have a tag attached, certifying that a qualified technician has removed the refrigerant properly.
  • If authorized items are mixed with unauthorized items, department personnel may refuse the entire load.

It is also worth mentioning that bulk collection services are not available to multi-residential or more than eight units.

3. Houston Recycling Schedule

A 96-gallon green bin is provided to every home. The recyclables are collected every other week on the same day as the regular garbage collection day. 


Houston Recycling Centers Locations

There are also 6 recycling centers in Houston where you can also dump your recyclables.

Center NameKey MapLocation Address
North Main Neighborhood# 535G9003 N Main n, TX 77022
Sommermeyer Neighborhood# 410W14400 Sommermeyer, TX 77040
Kirkpatrick Neighborhood# 455S5565 Kirkpatrick, TX 77028
Central Street Neighborhood# 535G2240 Central Street, TX 77017
Sunbeam Depository# 574A5100 Sunbeam, TX 77033
Southwest Neighborhood# 529A10785 Southwest Freeway, TX 77074

City of Houston Dump Hours: The recycling centers are closed on Monday. The operating hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

Houston Recycling Calendar

You can find out your recyclable collection day and download a monthly map specific to your address. Here’s how to do it:

  • Navigate to SWM curbside recycling (click here)
  • Type your address and then tap on the search icon.
  • Your monthly map will be displayed.

Acceptable Items For Houston Recycling

Metal and Aluminum cans, rinsed coffee jars, beverage cartons, food boxes, properly washed glass jars, newspaper, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, office paper, and plastic jugs with #1, 5, and 7 are acceptable.

What Can’t Be Put In Your Recycle Bin?

Batteries or electronics, shredded paper, tanglers, food or liquid, household items or broken furniture, scrap metal, and yard waste are not allowed. 

4. What To Do With The Bulk Trash In Houston That Exceeds Over The Limit?

If you’ve got any excessively large items, you can still get rid of them by hiring private haulers like Fort Worth junk removals.


So, here are your 5 best junk removal companies in Houston TX options:

Company NameContact No:
Fire Dawgs Junk Removal(713 – 804  -3294)
Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling (888 – 995 – 2460)
One Stop Junk Removal (713 – 806 – 9955)
Fire Dawgs Junk Removal (713 – 804 – 3294)
College Hunks Hauling (281 – 674 -6250)

These private haulers will charge depending on your trash file. But, in return, they will do all the hard work for you, which is a major win.

Apart from it, you can also donate your old but still usable furniture to local charities and goodwill centers.

5. Houston Landfill – Your Another Option!

If you don’t want to pay an excessive fee, then there is yet another option for you. You can dump all the excessive garbage in landfills. For this, you have to drive to the locations and do all the hard work by yourself. 

Houston City Dump Sites

All residents can dispose of bulk and large trash at the landfills by paying the fee. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Any identity paper (last month’s bills, lease agreement, or driving license) 
  • Vehicles up to 2 tons are not allowed to enter the site.
  • Hydraulic trailers are accepted, but for safety reasons, they are not allowed to be lifted while dumping debris.
  • Alcoholic or other intoxicating materials are strictly prohibited.
  • Only a single vehicle is allowed to dump per residential address.

Acceptable materials: Concrete, Mattresses, Tree Waste, Junk, Furniture, Refrigerators, Stoves, Washers, Dryers, Used Motor Oil, and Wood fencing are allowed. 

Keep in mind that there are two types of landfills. One only accepts heavy trash (type IV), and the other accepts both garbage and bulky items.

Houston Type I Landfills – Accepts Garbage And Heavy Trash

Atascocita Landfill3623 Wilson Road281 -446 -6545
BFI McCarty5757 Oates Road713 -671 -1575
BFI Whispering Pines8101 Little York713 -633 -2720
BFI Blue Ridge2200 FM 521281 -835 -6142
Coastal Plains Landfill21000 East Highway 6281 -388 -1708
Waste Management2020 Atascocita281 -446 -6545

Houston Type IV Landfills – Accepts Only Heavy Trash

Addicks – Fairbanks 13400 Sanderford Rd.877 -878 -2110
Casco Hauling1306 East Anderson713 -433 -2421
Cougar Disposal8601 E. Mount Houston281 -458 -4084
Dixie Farm Landfill4649 Dixie Farm Road281 -482 -1213
Fort Bend16007 Boss Gaston281 -277 -3277
Green House Road3510 Greenhouse281 -492 -2558
Green Shadow Landfill710 Jana Lane281 -542 -6433
Waste Management (2)8205 Fairbanks713 -849 -2902

What About The Dump Sites Cost: The cost will depend on the real-time eight at the landfill site. 

6. City Of Houston Holiday Trash Schedule 2024

Apart from natural disasters, trash and recycling pickup is delayed one day for the rest of the week. Here’s the holiday’s list;

Martin Luther King Jr. DayMonday, January 15
Presidents’ DayMonday, February 19
César Chávez DaySunday, March 31
Memorial DayMonday, May 27
JuneteenthWednesday, June 19
Independence DayThursday, July 4
Labor DayMonday, September 2
Thanksgiving DayThursday, November 28
Christmas DayWednesday, December 25

Usually, only the residential garbage pickup schedule is affected. The curbside bulk is not affected except after Christmas.

7. City Of Houston Important Contacts

Houston Solid Waste Management Department: 713-956-6589

For any change in schedule: Follow the Houston city on Twitter for updated information.

HTX Collects App For Android: Click Here!

HTX Collects App For iOS: Click Here!

Houston Trash Schedule FAQs

Where to dump trash in Houston?

Residential garbage and heavy trash can be dumped at the Houston Type I landfills. Apart from it, you can also drop off recyclables at the recycling centers.

Is trash pickup delayed this week in Houston?

No, right now, the waste management department is collecting garbage on its regular schedule, and there is no delay reported. 

Wrapping It Up!

The cowboy state of Texas has so much to offer, and life here is perfect, except for the trash production. Several major cities, including downtown Dallas and San Antonio, are also struggling with the garbage collection issue.

That is why it is best never to skip your pickup day. And if you’ve got excessive brush and bulk, you can always hire private haulers or dump it at the nearby landfill.

We hope that this article will help you to find out your schedule. Well, in the meantime, do let us know if we’ve forgotten anything!


Jimmy Carter specializes in providing up-to-date information on trash schedules for cities and states across the USA. With a passion for community service and sustainability, Jimmy is committed to helping people reduce their environmental impact and keep their neighborhoods clean.

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