Have you ever wondered what happens if your trash day falls on a holiday? Will your trash be collected? Especially when it’s a federal holiday.

So, in October, it is obvious for homeowners to search, “does Columbus day affect trash pickup.” Well, here’s your quick answer we don’t want you to miss:

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All trash pickup, recycling, and bulky pickup services will be delayed on Columbus Day. The curbside collection will be delayed and pushed to the next day on Columbus Day.

Well, this solves the one problem. But what about the private haulers, and most importantly, when will trash be picked up after Columbus Day?

Is Columbus Day A Trash Holiday?

Yes, it is a trash holiday. All sanitation services, including trash pickup, street sweeping, recycling, and bulk collection, will not be provided, pushed to the next working day.

So, don’t worry. You don’t have to hoard all the refuse till next week. Usually, all residents receive a flyer or a notification on the app/website informing them about the holiday schedule.

Keep in mind that it is a statutory holiday. So, there will be no trash pickup in Philadelphia, San Antonio, NYC, California, or whichever city you live in.

Columbus Day Trash Pickup Schedule


As mentioned earlier, curbside service will not be provided on Columbus Day. Have a look at the schedule given below, which will be followed:

  • No collection on Monday (October 14)
  • Monday pickup will be pushed to Tuesday.
  • Tuesday trash will be collected on Wednesday.
  • Wednesday’s curbside service will be pushed to Friday.
  • Friday garbage will be picked up on Saturday.

Don’t forget to place your cart on the curbside by 7 am after Columbus Day if your regular trash day is Monday. 

Garbage Pickup On Columbus Day FAQs

Does Columbus Day Affect Trash Pickup?

Yes, there is no trash pickup. Curbside services are delayed one day on Columbus Day.

Is Columbus Day A Trash Holiday?

Yes, it is a trash holiday, and no garbage, recycling, or bulk trash will be picked up on October 14. 

Wrapping It Up!

Have fun on Columbus Day (technically a long weekend). Don’t worry, as you don’t have to roll out carts to the curb on October 14 because it’s a trash holiday.
So, you’ll never miss your collection day. When it comes to private haulers, like Waste Management and Republic Services, they also don’t pick up trash on Columbus Day.


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