Residential trash is collected every week in Virginia Beach. While recyclables are picked up every other week.

Pretty simple, Right?

Well, not at all. Because if you missed your garbage collection day, then you have to wait for the next week, a total freakin situation.


That’s why it is essential to find your collection day and stick to the schedule.

1. Virginia Beach Trash Pick-Up Schedule 2024

Curbside garbage collection begins at 7 am on your assigned day. Here’s how to find your trash day:

  • Navigate to the VB Department of Public Works website. (click here)
  • Scroll down and add your address in the “Trash and Recycling Lookup.”
  • After clicking on submit, your collection schedule will pop up.

While placing your carts on the curbside, ensure that the lids are properly closed. Don’t forget to remove the cart from the collection point after trash pickup on the same day.

Report Missed Collection

If you think your cart is not collected by mistake, call 757 -385 -3111 and explain your issue to the representative. Before you make the call, make sure that your cart was placed as per city guidelines.

Virginia Beach Trash Collection Rules

  • Place the cart away from the road, mailboxes, water meters, or trees.
  • The lid of the container must close properly.
  • Don’t hang any additional bags along your cart.
  • Garbage must be properly bagged.
  • Never put dirt or any fire-hazardous material in your cart.

2. Virginia Beach Recycling Schedule

The city collects recyclables every other week from curbside. To mind more about your recycling schedule, click here. If you have bulk cardboard as recyclables, you can take them to any of the following centers:

West Neck Recycling Center

Located at 2500 West Neck Road and remains open from 7 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Landfill & Resource Recovery Center

Located at 1989 Jake Sears Road and remains open from 7 am to 4:30 pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

Accepted Items for Recycling

Paper, magazines, paper bags, flattened cardboard, plastic bottles, plastic jugs, clean chipboards, food and beverage cartons, glass bottles, jars, aluminum cans, tin cans, and steel soda cans.

Unaccepted Items

Regular household garbage, batteries, yard waste, toys, plastic pods, large mirrors, construction materials, Styrofoam, and packing peanuts.

3. Virginia Beach Bulk Trash Pickup 2024

Bulky collection service is provided to all residents. Here’s how to request the special service:

  • Call 757 -385 -4650 and talk to a representative
  • Fill out the online form (click here)

Keep in mind that you must call at least a day prior to your regular collection day.

Virginia Beach Bulk Trash Pickup Rules

  • All items must be placed together.
  • Don’t place bulky appliances under trees.
  • You must place your large appliance by 7 am on your collection day or not earlier than 5 pm of the day before. 
  • Never place items under low-hanging wires.
  • It is the responsibility of the resident to clean the small debris left behind after pickup.

Accepted Items For Bulk Pickup: Furniture, mattresses, large appliance, fencing, lawnmowers, outdoor equipment, sheds, and outdoor grills.

Unaccepted Items: Construction materials, lumber, wood pallets, cabinets, sinks, doors, boats, household hazardous materials, cardboard boxes, and toilets.

4. Got Bulky Items That City Won’t Pick Up? You Need To Hire Private Junk Removal Companies


If you have construction debris or any material that the city won’t pick up, then you can either rent a trash dumpster or private haulers. These private haulers will charge anywhere between $450 to $600 for a full load of 430 cubic yards.

Here’s the list of the top 5 junk removals in Virginia Beach:

Company NameContact Info
The Junk Uncles757 -448 -8282
JDog Junk Removal & Hauling757 -995 -5452
Innovative Waste757 -500 -8047
Express Junk Removal757 -692 -2951
1-800-GOT-JUNK?800 -468 -5865

Keep in mind that some private haulers don’t accept construction debris or yard waste. So, it is best to consult them first before you hire them.

5. Virginia Beach Trash Pick Up Holidays 2024

Trash collection in Virginia Beach is delayed only on the following day:

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • The day after Thanksgiving Day

Usually, on holidays the collection day is pushed to the next working day. Suppose, Monday was your collection day, but now due to the holiday your trash will be collected on Tuesday, and so on.

6. Important Contacts

 Virginia Beach Bulk Pickup Phone Number: For bulk pickup service call 757 -385 -4650.

For Any Change In Schedule: Follow the city of Virginia Beach on Twitter for the latest information or any change in schedule due to weather.

Wrapping It Up!

Like the nearby city Norfolk trash schedule, curbside residential garbage is collected weekly. The best thing is that now all residents can request special bulk pickup service, around the year.

The city government is doing its best to reuse and recycle most of the solid trash. That is why residents are encouraged to drop off large cardboard in excess amounts at the West Neck Recycling Center.

Keep in mind that the curbside collection begins at 7 am. So, don’t forget to roll out the carts on time. Well, if you think your carts are not collected by mistake, call 311 or 757 -385 -4650.


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