Recology collects residential garbage in San Francisco. Like the rest of California, solid waste is collected every week in the city. 

If you don’t know about your San Francisco trash pickup schedule, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will guide you about SF garbage pickup, recycling, and bulky collection.


1. When Is It Trash Day In San Francisco?

There is no one fixed trash collection day in SF. The city is divided into several zones, and each residential address has its assigned day. Here’s how to find your collection day:

  • Navigate to Recology San Francisco collection schedule (Click here)
  • Type your address and then tap on the search icon
  • Your collection calendar will pop up

You can also set a reminder. So, you don’t forget your refuse collection day anymore. 

What Time Does Trash Pickup In San Francisco Begins?

San Francisco trash pickup begins at 06:00 am in the morning. It is best to place all your cares on the curbside prior to the one hour to avoid any delay in pickup.

2. San Francisco Recycling 2024

Recyclables are collected every week on the same day as your regular trash collection day. 

  • All the recyclables must be loose and free of the plastic bag liner
  • All food cartons and bottles must be rinsed and properly dry

Click here to find your curbside recycling schedule.

San Francisco Recycling Acceptable Items: 

Aluminum cans and foils, paper cups, food cartons, junk mail, paper, empty spray cans, steel cans, toys without batteries, plastic utensils, glass bottles, and jars.

Unacceptable Material:

Electronics, glass mirrors, scrap metals, Styrofoam, wood, yard trimmings, soil, construction debris, soiled paper plates, greasy pizza boxes, and light bulbs.

3. San Francisco Electronic Recycling

All residents can drop off electronic waste at the SF transfer station. Here are a few rules to keep in mind:

  • You can dispose of 30 electric bulbs/lamps for free
  • The fee for over 30 lamps per month is $3.00 per lamp

SF Transfer Station Address: 501 Tunnel Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94134

SF Transfer Station Hours: The station remains open on all 7 days. From Monday to Friday, the timings are 7 am to 4:30 pm. While for Saturday, the station remains open from 7:30 to 4 pm. For Sunday, the times are 9 am to 1 pm.

4. San Francisco Bulky Item Pickup 2024

All SF residents are entitled to two free annual pickups for large items. The bulky pickup comes with a limit of 10 items per collection. 

San Francisco Bulky Item Pickup

Click here to schedule your bulky collection.

Acceptable Items For Bulk Pickup

Living room furniture, display cases, kitchen appliances, residential washers, refrigerators, stoves, bathroom fixtures, appliances, tanks, and other large electronics.

Don’t put your yard trims, compostables, recyclables, or regular trash in the bulk collection. Otherwise, all of your large items will not be collected.

5. Hire Private Junk Removal Companies!

If you’ve got a lot of bulky items and want to get rid of them, you’ll need to hire a junk removal service. They will charge a fee depending on the size of your pile.

Here’re the top 5 junk haulers in your area:

Company NameContact No.
1-800-GOT-JUNK?(800 – 468 -5865)
Junk King San Francisco(415 -335 – 7970)
EZ Junk Removal(415 -943 -5998)
Victor’s Junk Hauling Service(415 -756 -5561)
JYR Junk Removal(510 -904 -1381)

Once you hire them, you don’t have to worry a bit. These haulers will load and dispose of your trash properly. 

6. San Francisco Christmas Tree Pickup 

After Christmas celebrations, cut your tree into pieces into your yard waste/ compost cart. Cut the artificial tree into pieces and put it into a regular garbage cart. The free curbside pick-up service runs for two weeks, from January 1st to 14. 

San Francisco Christmas Tree Pickup 

7. San Francisco Garbage Pickup Holidays

Recology San Francisco collects residential trash every day except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. 

8. Important Contacts To Remember

Recology SF Phone Number: 415 – 626 -4000

For The Latest Information: Follow Recology SF on Twitter for any change in the residential garbage pickup schedule. 

Recology San Francisco – Wrapping It Up!

Residential trash is collected every week in SF. All three carts are collected on the same day. Unlike the nearest city, San Jose’s trash schedule, Recology just doesn’t pick up garbage on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

We hope that this article will help you to find out your San Francisco trash pickup schedule. If you think we have missed anything, do tell us.


Jimmy Carter specializes in providing up-to-date information on trash schedules for cities and states across the USA. With a passion for community service and sustainability, Jimmy is committed to helping people reduce their environmental impact and keep their neighborhoods clean.

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