Are you looking for your Montgomery 2024 trash and recycling schedule? You are in the right place!

In Montgomery, Alabama, surrounded by cities like Birmingham, Mobile, Atlanta, Meridian, and Prattville, keeping track of your garbage collection days is essential.

Remember, if your trash pick-up times change, your street sweeping schedule might shift, too. 

Montgomery County Trash Pickup

In Montgomery County, they pick up your trash weekly and your garbage twice a week.

Remember, the schedule can change, especially during holidays when they do not pick up. They will grab your curbside trash when they can. 

Montgomery County Trash Holiday Schedule

New Year DayJan 1
Martin Luther King, Jr., DayJan 15
Presidents DayFeb 19
Memorial DayMay 27
JuneteenthJune 19
Independence DayJuly 4
Labor DaySep 2
Veterans DayNov 11
Thanksgiving DayNov 28
Christmas DayDec 25

Montgomery Trash Collection Map

Montgomery Bulk Trash Pickup

In Montgomery, much like the Tuscaloosa trash schedule, if you have big items to dispose of, like a bulky couch or heavy desk, you’re in luck. 

You can quickly get rid of them! Just give a quick call to 311 or hop online to book a bulk trash pickup.

Remember to do this before midnight, before your regular trash day. Ensure your items are out by the curb by 7 AM on pickup day.

They will collect your stuff between 7 AM and 9 PM. If you use a private trash service, this county service is not for you.

There are also special clean-up days in the county for extra tidying. And if you prefer, you can personally drop off your bulky waste at the Montgomery County Transfer Station.

This service is perfect for those big items that will not fit in your regular trash bins as long as they’re under 499 pounds.

Acceptable Items For Bulk Collection

  • Stoves
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Sofas
  • Hot water heaters
  • other appliances

Unacceptable Items For Bulk Collection

  • Request a scrap metal recycling collection for oversized metal items over 50% metal and too large for regular bins.
  • Items like propane tanks and large, frameless glass mirrors or tabletops.
  • Building and renovation waste includes bricks, concrete, lumber, non-metal fences, shingles, drywall, paint, stones, grass, car parts, and non-metallic kitchen cabinets.
  • Special care items like grand pianos and hazardous materials.
  • Avoid disposing of human or animal waste, infectious materials, or deceased animals.
  • Oversized items that are unsuitable for our trucks or could endanger our staff are not accepted.

Large Item Collection Guidelines

  • Need to toss out an oversized item? Similar to the Hoover trash schedule, Montgomery has a system in place. Call Rumpke at 1-800-828-8171 before Wednesday noon.
  • They will come by on Thursday from 7 AM to 7 PM to grab your item.
  • Make sure your thing is on the curb by 6 AM Thursday.
  • When you set your item out, keep it tidy and in order.
  • Got a mattress or furniture? Wrap it up in plastic first.
  • Appliances with freon? Get a pro to remove the freon and slap a sticker saying it’s done.
  • Carpets or padding? Cut them into 4-foot pieces, roll, tie, and keep them under 60 pounds.
  • Remember, this is not for a whole room’s worth of stuff or construction debris.

Montgomery County Recycling Schedule

In Montgomery County, same as the Huntsville trash schedule, recycling is picked up every Thursday. 


Also, there is a bonus! On the last Saturday of each month, except December, you can drop off your trash for free at particular sites from 10 AM to 2 PM.

If you have a lot of stuff to throw away, call 1-800-465-2350 to arrange a significant pick-up.

Acceptable Items For Recycling Pickup

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Milk/juice cartons
  • Juice/drink boxes
  • Frozen food boxes
  • Cereal, snack food, and pasta boxes
  • Office paper
  • Unwanted mail
  • Shredded paper
  • Fruit and produce boxes

Unacceptable Items For Recycling Pickup

  • Food waste
  • Loose soil or dirt
  • Mulch
  • Plastic bags
  • Sod
  • Stumps
  • Aluminium foil
  • Polystyrene
  • Pie pans
  • Takeout food trays
  • Plastic bags cups
  • Wood chips

Junk Removal Companies in Montgomery

Company NameContact Info
Speedy Junk and Trash Removal(334) 220-6908
Junk Guys USA(334) 721-5865
Home Run Junk Removal Services LLC(334) 593-3288
JunkBeast Junk Removal(936) 899-0195

Wrapping Up!

Staying up-to-date with Montgomery County’s trash schedule ensures a cleaner, more organized community.

Remember, recycling is collected every Thursday, and free garbage drop-off is available on the last Saturday of each month except December.

For those more oversized items, call 1-800-465-2350 for bulk pick-up arrangements.

Following these simple guidelines, you will contribute to keeping Montgomery County clean and environmentally friendly. 



Jimmy Carter specializes in providing up-to-date information on trash schedules for cities and states across the USA. With a passion for community service and sustainability, Jimmy is committed to helping people reduce their environmental impact and keep their neighborhoods clean.

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