Dive into Gilbert’s 2024 Trash Schedule at Mygarbageschedule.com. Find all you need for holiday trash, bulk pickups, and recycling.

It is your guide for keeping Gilbert clean and missing no trash day. Gilbert, nestled near Phoenix, Arizona, shines with its thorough trash and recycling program.

It tackles everything – regular trash, recycling, big stuff, dangerous household waste, and yard leftovers. 

City of Gilbert Trash Pickup Schedule

In Gilbert, trash and recycling get picked up on the same day each week, depending on where you live. 

  • Zone A is on Monday
  • Zone B is on Tuesday
  • Zone C is on Wednesday
  • Zone D is on Thursday, and 
  • Zone E is on Friday

Remember, all bins need to be out by 5 AM on your collection day. The great news? Holidays will be fine with your regular schedule.

However, during Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks, expect to see something other than the bulk trash pickup crew.

Need more details? Dive into www.gilbertaz.gov/trash or grab a calendar at http://bit.ly/2pB1kNd. Any questions? Just dial (480) 503-6400. Keep Gilbert waste pick-up in mind for all your disposal needs.

Gilbert Trash Holiday Schedule

In town, weekly trash and recycling pickup (for your blue and black bins) goes on as usual, even on holidays.

But remember, during Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks, they do not pick up large trash items. 

Gilbert AZ Trash Collection Map

Bulk Trash Pickup Gilbert Az

In Gilbert, Arizona, if you have stuff too big for your regular trash can, there is a special pickup service just for that, similar to what is offered in the Mesa trash schedule.

Every five weeks, except around Thanksgiving and Christmas, the town will come and collect these large items. Just remember, this is not for your everyday garbage.

That should still go in your black trash bin. Everything collected this way heads straight to the landfill. 

Acceptable items for Bulk Collection

  • Furniture that can’t be donated
  • Mattresses
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • Toilets
  • Basketball Hoops
  • Must be broken down into at least 2 pieces
  • A glass that is boxed, sealed, and labeled
  • Trimmings less than 5′ in length and 12″ in diameter
  • Grass, leaves, or weeds must be bagged and tied
  • Cacti must be boxed, labeled, and container
  • CRT, DLP, rear projection televisions (no flat screens)
  • Securely attach an 8.5″ X 11″ piece of paper labeled as “bulk trash”
  • Yard waste

Unacceptable items for Bulk Collection

  • Household garbage like kitchen waste is liable to decay
  • Construction debris like lumber, drywall, glass doors and mirrored doors, tile, carpet, carpet pad, cabinets, tubs, and showers
  • Auto parts like engines, tires, and rims
  • Hazardous waste like vehicle fluids, paint, pool chemicals, propane tanks, and cleaning products
  • Flat-screen TVs or other electronics
  • Appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves and water heaters
  • Demolition debris like rock, dirt, sod, and concrete
  • Pallets or skids (wood or plastic)

Special Bulk Trash Pickup

Got a big cleanup project? If your pile of stuff to toss out is bigger than a van but smaller than a school bus (specifically, up to 20 feet long and 5 feet high), you are in luck, similar to the services provided by Flagstaff trash pick up

For a fee of $100, you can have it all taken away. Just pick up the phone and dial (480) 503-6400 to set up a special pickup

Gilbert AZ Trash Recycling Pickup Schedule

In Gilbert, you can get your trash and recycling picked up on the same day. Just make sure to put your bins out by 5 AM on your collection day.


Even on holidays, your pickup schedule stays the same, but remember, during Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks, they will not pick up large items.

Not sure if an item is trash or recyclable? Use the search bar to look up how to dispose of common household items.

Acceptable items for Recycling Collection

1. Cardboard

Broken down with all packing materials removed. No soiled/greasy items. Labels and tape can stay on.

2. Metal

Aluminum, steel, and tin food and beverage cans only. Labels and lids can stay on.

3. Paper

All paper except soiled, shredded, metallic, waxed, or tissue. 

4. Plastic

Bottles, jugs, and jars that are labeled plastics #1 or #2 only.

*Things not included above are unacceptable

Junk Removal Companies in Gilbert AZ

Company NameContact Info
Super Junk Removal(844) 423-5865
Timely Junk Removal(480) 586-8597
PHX Haul it All LLC (Junk Removal)(480) 582-0155

Gilbert Trash Schedule FAQs

Is Gilbert’s trash picked up on Thanksgiving?

No, Gilbert does not pick up bulk trash during Thanksgiving week. However, regular trash and recycling services are unaffected.

What is the phone number for bulk trash in Gilbert?

For bulk trash inquiries in Gilbert, dial (480) 503-6400. They can assist with your large item disposal needs.

What can I put in Gilbert bulk trash?

In Gilbert, bulk trash accepts oversized items like broken furniture, mattresses, and yard waste. Ensure tree trimmings are shorter than 5 feet and under 12 inches thick.

Is Gilbert trash pick-up on Christmas?

Yes, Gilbert continues curbside trash and recycling pick-up for your bins during Christmas, but remember, no bulk trash service is available that week.


In Gilbert, the garbage gets picked up every single week, with no breaks. If you need more details about when and how just call the Gilbert city office at (480) 503-6000. They are there to help



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