Trash is collected weekly in Cedar Rapids. For a swift refuse collection service, the city is divided into 5 sections, and over 44,000 residential addresses are served each day.

But when will your trash be collected? And most importantly, when should you roll out carts on the curb?

If you’re searching for these questions, here’s a quick answer for that:

Cedar Rapids Trash Day!
You can find your Cedar Rapids garbage day either through the city’s interactive map or by calling 319 -286 -5897. The collection begins at 7 am. So, be assured to roll out carts on the curb on your assigned day.

Now, let’s have a detailed look at the do’s and don’ts of Cedar Rapids’ trash schedule.

1. Cedar Rapids Trash Collection Route 2024

As mentioned earlier, the city is divided into 5 sections. Have a quick look at the collection route for better understanding.

Cedar Rapids Trash Collection Route

2. Cedar Rapids Recycling Schedule

Recyclables are collected every week along with regular trash. The weight limit for the recycling cart is 220 lbs.

  • Always flatten the cardboard first before you toss them in.
  • Wrap the glass or broken mirror with old newspaper.
  • Ensure not to put any liquid directly in the card as it will damage the other recyclables.
  • Do not put plastic in your recycling cart.
  • The residents can place up to 5 gallons of Glass bottles beside the recycling cart.
  • If you’re not sure about any item, don’t toss it in your cart.

Keep in mind that accepted items mixed with unexpected items will not be collected, and a ticket will be issued.

Accepted Items

Flatten cardboard, plastic bottles, glass bottles (any color), all types of paper, including junk mail, Styrofoam, small appliances, old furniture, and outdoor furniture.

Glass and broken mirrors are also accepted but must be properly wrapped in paper to avoid injury or accidental cuts.

Unaccepted Items

Large appliances with refrigerants, regular refuse, household hazardous material, yard waste, greasy cardboard, clothing, and textiles.

3. Cedar Rapids Bulk Trash Pickup 2024


All residents can request a special bulky pickup service at a small fee per item. To request the service, call 319 -286 -5897.

  • $5 is charged for every furniture item(s) that weighs up to 200lbs.
  • Large appliances are collected at $30.
  • Residents have to clean any leftover junk on the curb after collection.
  • You must call at least 24 hours prior to your regular trash collection day for special bulky pickup.
  • Unaccepted items will not be picked up.

Moreover, appliances that are too heavy or weigh more than the accepted limit will not be collected. It is best to donate old furniture to a local charity or a goodwill center.

Accepted Items For Cedar Rapids Bulky Pickup

Furniture (up to 200 lbs), including chairs, couches, tables, toilets, crib mattresses, toilets, television or computer monitor, washers, dryers, refrigerators, water heaters, mattresses, and box springs.

Unaccepted Items

Items over 220 lbs, construction debris, dirt, and soil.

4. Got Bulky Trash That City Won’t Pick Up? You Need To Hire A Private Junk Hauler!

If you have too heavy items, don’t worry, you can still get rid of them. Hire private junk haulers, and they will pick up any type of large item.

However, it is best to ask about the accepted items first, as some haulers don’t accept construction debris.

Here’s the list of the top 7 haulers in Cedar Rapids:

Company NameContact Info
WM Cedar Rapids319-362-9900
State Heavy Hauling319 -246 -5644
Republic Services563 -332 -0050
ABC Disposal Systems Inc319 -395 -0904
Hawkeye Junk Removal319 -462 -0034
KJ Haul Away Junk Removal319 -343 -8488
Two Men and a Truck319 -483 -6425

Moreover, don’t forget to get the early price estimate to get the best price. This way, you can save up to $100 – $150. Usually, haulers charge anywhere between $450 to $600 for a full truckload of 430 lbs.

5. Cedar Rapids Trash Pickup Holidays 2024

Trash pickup is only delayed one day on all statutory holidays. If your regular trash day falls on Monday, and it’s a holiday, then the garbage will be collected on Tuesday.

Here’s the list of holidays on which the collection will be delayed.

New Year’s DayWednesday, January 1
Memorial DayMonday, May 27
Independence DayThursday, July 4
Labor DayMonday, September 2
Thanksgiving DayThursday, November 28
Christmas DayWednesday, December 25

Christmas trees are also collected along with the Christmas trash pickup. Residents can place the “real” tree without all ornaments on the curb next to carts between January 1st to January 12, and it will be collected free of cost.

Cedar Rapids Trash Pickup Holidays

6. Important Contacts

Cedar Rapids Trash Pickup Phone Number: 319 -286 -5897 

For the Latest Updates: Follow the city of Cedar Rapids on Twitter for all the latest updates and any delay in the collection schedule due to weather conditions or public holidays.

Wrapping It Up!

Residential trash is collected weekly along with the recyclables. Moreover, residents can request special bulky pickup service at a small fee per appliance.

Keep in mind that if you don’t place carts on time, your trash will not be collected. So, for an uninterrupted pickup, roll out carts to the curb by 7 am.

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