The hub of the Universe, Boston, is a great place for fun and everything. The only thing that keeps residents confused is the Boston trash schedule. 

But don’t worry, as we’re here to help you with that!

In this article, we will guide you in detail on Boston trash pickup, recycling, bulk collection, and yard waste pickup schedule. So, let’s begin.

Boston Trash Pickup Schedule 2024

Curbside residential garbage is collected weekly along with the recyclables. Leaf and yard waste is also collected weekly. Here’s how to find your Boston trash day:

  • Navigate to the city of Boston official’s website (click here)
  • Scroll down and add your address in the search bar
  • Your yearly trash calendar will be displayed

You can also set weekly reminders to never miss your pickup day. Moreover, it is best to download the app for your convenience.

Download The Boston Trash Day App

Click here to download it for Android users.

Click here to download it for iOS phones.

2. Boston Leaf Pickup Schedule

Yard waste is collected weekly, while the curbside leaves are collected from April to December. To find your next leaf pickup day, click here

Boston Trash Pickup
  • Don’t use plastic bags for leaf and yard waste.
  • Use paper bags for yard waste.
  • If your area is assigned two recycling days, yard waste is collected on the 1st recycling day.
  • Before placing branches, cut them under 3 feet. 

Christmas trees are collected from curbside during the first two weeks of January. All trees or yard waste, along with leaves, will be collected by 6 am on your assigned day.

3. Boston Recycling Schedule 2024

Residential recyclables are collected weekly, along with the regular refuse. Each home is issued a 32-gallon cart. To find your next Boston recycling pickup day, click here.

  • While placing your cart on the curb, keep it away from trees, mailboxes, or water meters.
  • The lid of your cart must be closed properly.
  • Place your recyclables loosely.
  • Always rinse and wash bottles before tossing them to blue carts.

Keep in mind that acceptable items mixed with unacceptable items will not be collected, and a ticket will be issued.

Accepted Items For Recycling: Pizza boxes, Aluminum or tin cans, All types of paper, Boxboard, Glass jars and bottles, All plastic containers and bottles.

Unaccepted Items For Recycling: Plastic shopping bags, Disposable items, Plastic wraps, Tanglers, Medical waste, Containers, Electronics, Clothes, Drink and food boxes, Ceramics, and Food waste.

4. Boston Bulk Trash Pickup

Items that are too large to fit in your garbage or recycling carts require special assistance. To schedule your bulk trash pickup appointment, call 311.

Boston Bulk Trash Pickup
  • Large items pickup service will be provided, depending on the availability of resources.
  • Residents can drop off large appliances at the nearest recycling or landfill.

Find the nearest drop-off location and get rid of unwanted items at a small cost. It is worth mentioning that some items may not be accepted, i.e., Asbestos, Explosives, Circuit boards, and Microwaves.

5. Got Large Items That City Won’t Pick Up? You Need To Hire Junk Removal Haulers!

If you’ve gotten unaccepted bulky trash, then private junk haulers are the perfect solution for you. Usually, they pick up every type of trash, charging a small fee. 

Here’s the list of the top 7 junk haulers in Boston:

Company NameContact Info
1-800-GOT-JUNK?800 -468 -5865
Marvin Junk Removal781 -267 -5966
Junk King Boston617 -318 -6888
RM Rubbish Junk Removal617 – 594 -4130
LoadUp Junk Removal844 -239 -7711
DTjunk857 -287 -4528
The Junkluggers of Greater Boston617 -272 -7173

Before you hire any of the above-listed junk haulers, it is best to get a free early estimate and a list of accepted items. Compare prices and hire the best one.

Usually, private junk removals charge anywhere between $450 to $600 for a truckload of 400 cubic yards.

6. Boston Trash Pickup Holiday Schedule 2024

Curbside trash pickup is delayed one day on holidays. The pickup is pushed to the next day after the holidays. There will be no collection on the following days:

  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Day

The Thanksgiving trash pickup will be collected on Tuesday instead of Monday. On the contrary, Tuesday’s collection will be pushed to Wednesday, and so on. 

7. Important Contacts

Boston Trash Pickup Phone Number: Call 311 or 617 -635 -4500

For The Latest Updates: Follow the city of Boston on Twitter for all the latest news and delay in schedule due to weather conditions. 

Boston Trash Schedule FAQs

Is Boston trash pickup delayed this week?

No, there is no delay in Boston trash pickup this week. Keep in mind that the curbside collection is delayed and pushed to the next day on holidays.

Is there trash pickup in Boston tomorrow?

Yes, tomorrow, the garbage pickup is as per schedule. To find your next pickup day, click here

Wrapping It Up!

Residential garbage and solid waste are collected weekly along with the recyclables on the same day. The limit for the recycling cart is 32 gallons. Leaf and yard waste is also collected on a weekly basis. 

On holidays, the garbage collection is delayed and pushed to the next day. Keep in mind that the pickup begins at 6 am on your assigned day. If you think your cart is missed by mistake, report it at 311 or 617 -635 -4500. 



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