Residential garbage is collected every week. If, in a worst-case scenario, you’ve forgotten your Sacramento trash day, then you have to wait a long week till your next turn.

That sounds dreadful, Right?

Well, it is essential to know your garbage pickup schedule, recycling, and bulky collection services. So, sit back, and keep on reading to find your Sacramento garbage pickup day.

Sacramento Trash Schedule

1. Sacramento Trash Pickup Schedule 2024

Finding out your Sacramento trash day is really simple and easy. Here’s what you need to do:

Sacramento Trash Calendar 

The best way to remember your schedule is to download the yearly calendar. As you’ll scroll down, there you’ll see an option for downloading the Sacramento trash calendar. 

The cherry on top is that you can also set a reminder for your trash day. Isn’t it convenient? To set a reminder, click here.

It is worth mentioning that in severe weather or public holidays, the curbside collection is affected. In this case, a notification is sent to all residents through the app or Twitter. 

2. Sacramento Recycling Schedule

Recyclables are collected every other week. The recycling container is picked up on the same day as your regular garbage schedule at the same time. 

Sacramento Recycling Rules

  • Put your recycling carts to the curb on time. 
  • Don’t add unacceptable items to it.
  • The lid of your cart must close properly.
  • You don’t have to segregate your recyclables.
  • All recyclables must be clean and rinsed properly.
  • Don’t remove lids from glass or plastic bottles.

Accepted Items: Flatten cardboard, Aluminum or tin cans, glass jars, plastic bottles, newspaper, and junk mail.

Unaccepted Items: Plastic bags, propane tanks, batteries, needles, food cartons, hoses, cords, food leftovers, any type of liquid or oil, kitchen or home textile, clothes, branches, and shoes.

Is Styrofoam Recyclable In Sacramento: No, Styrofoam is not recyclable. 

Where To Recycle Batteries In Sacramento?

Batteries are considered household hazardous waste. That’s why all residents drop off their single-use batteries at one of the below-listed sites:

Facility NameContact#Address
Department of Utilities(916) 808 -54541395 35th Avenue
Belle Cooledge Community Center(916) 808 -5610 5699 South Land Park Drive
Coloma Community Center(916) 808 -60604623 T Street
Ethel MacLeod Hart Center(916) 808 -5462915 27th Street
George Sim Community Center(916) 808 -37616207 Logan Street
Jr. Hagginwood Community Center(916) 808 -64393271 Marysville Boulevard
Sam and Bonnie Pannell Center(916) 808 -66802450 Meadowview Road
South Natomas Community Center(916) 808 -15712921 Truxel Road
Oak Park Community Center(916) 808 -61513425 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd

Sacramento Oil Recycling

Cooking oil and motor oil are also recycled in the whole of California. In Sacramento, used oil is collected from the curbside. Only three 5-quart containers are allowed per collection.

Sacramento Trash Pickup Schedule

Apart from it, there are five facilities that collect the used oil without a limit, with a small fee: 

  • North Area Recovery Station’s Household Hazardous Waste Facility
  • Kiefer Landfill’s Special Waste Facility
  • Sacramento Recycling and Transfer Station (SRTS)
  • Elk Grove Special Waste Collection​ Center
  • Placer County / Roseville

If any of the locations is not nearby, click here and find your nearest certified used oil collection center simply by typing your address. 

3. Sacramento Bulky Waste Pickup 

Bulky and large items are picked up once around the year. Residents can book an appointment any time of the year.

  • You can schedule your bulky waste appointment either through the SacGreenTeam app or by calling 916 -875 -5555.
  • The maximum pile limit is 5 cubic yards.
  • Don’t place your large items on the curb too early.
  • Placing bulk waste out without an appointment will result in a fine.
  • 5 cubic yards per year are free.

Got additional bulky waste? What to do with that?

Well, if you have a lot of large items that go way beyond then the 5 cubic yards limit, then worry not!

Now, large families can request special collection services by paying a small fee. Keep in mind that the maximum limit for the paid pickup is also a maximum of 15 cubic yards. 

Acceptable Items For Sacramento Bulk Waste Pickup

Broken furniture, large toys, mattresses, pipes, and lumber (cut into 5 feet with a maximum of 4 inches in diameter), small appliances, E-waste (must place it separately), maximum 5 tires, and fluorescent tubes.

Unacceptable Items For Sacramento Bulk Waste Pickup

Concrete, sand, construction debris, broken glass doors, mirrors, engine parts, tree stumps, fireworks, dead animals, ashes, any hazardous fire material, any treated wood waste, or organic recyclables. 

What Time Does Bulk Pickup Come In Sacramento?

Once you’re done with your appointment, either through the SacGreenTeam app or by call. Then, a specific time slot will be assigned to you at least prior to 7 days before your bulky collection day.

What Time Does Bulk Pickup Come In Sacramento

Keep in mind that if you don’t put your large items to the curb in time, your appointment will be considered “counted,” and then you have to wait for the whole next year.

4. Sacramento Leaf Pickup

Mainly, the yard waste and leaves go to the organic waste. But in fall, when the leaves are everywhere on the road and in homes, the city offers special pickup.

  • Leaf season begins on November 1st and continues through January. 
  • All residents can also dispose of their Christmas trees during the leaf season.
  • During the leaf collection season, there will be at least 7 collections in every area.
  • The schedule may change depending on the density and volume of fallen leaves.

Sacramento Leaf Pile Guidelines

  • The maximum limit for the pile is 5 cubic yards.
  • Be assured to fill the container first before putting the leaves on sidewalks.
  • All the leaves piles should be at least 4 feet away from the drainage holes, mailboxes, and roads.
  • Don’t block the road while piling up the leaves.
  • Keep in mind that no organic waste should be placed in the elastic bags.
  • Don’t mix any food debris or other waste with it.
  • Any violation will result in a fine or penalty.

5. Sacramento Yard Waste Pickup

Yard waste is considered a main part of organic waste that is collected every week along the regular garbage pick up. 

Acceptable Yard Waste Materials: Fruits and vegetable peels, rinds, scrap, meat debris, bones, baked goods, coffee grounds, tea bags, plants, flowers, spoiled food, pizza dough, bread, crust, uncoated paper plates, wooden toothpicks, and compostable plastic bags.

Unacceptable Yard Waste Materials: Plastic bags, styrofoam, pet waste, liquids, motor oil, to-go coffee cups, cooling oil, toilet papers, diapers, and single-use utensils are not allowed.

6. How to Dispose of Excessive Bulky and Yard Waste?

Worry not! Still, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are two options for you. Either you can dump it in the landfill or hire a private junk hauler that will do all the hard work for you at a small fee.

I. Kiefer Landfill – Sacramento County Dump

At the Kiefer Landfill, you can drop off your large appliances, tires, and trash that is usually not collected at the curbside. It is worth mentioning that some items are exempted from the fee, while for some, you have to pay depending on the quantity or the pile of your trash. 

  • The fee usually varies from $10 to $318 per ton.
  • For dumping construction debris, you’ll have to pay $132.60 per ton.
  • Dumping up to 4 tires is free per day.
  • Minimum weight charge is $45 per vehicle.
  • For the dedicated loads of Polystyrene foam, you’ll have to pay $278.50 per ton.

It is worth mentioning that no assistance will be provided to unload your vehicle. If there is garbage that needs special care, only then a helping hand will be provided.

I. Kiefer Landfill - Sacramento County Dump

To enter the facility, you must have proof of residency, either a utility bill or a driving license. 

II. Sacramento Junk Hauling Services – Your Easy Option

With junk removal services, you don’t have to do any hard work. All you need to do is hire them, and they will do the rest by themself, from loading to disposing of the material at the landfill. 

For these services, they will charge a fee. Usually, the minimum fee is $100, but the actual fee can only be determined after seeing the pile size. Here’re the top 7 junk removals you can trust:

Company NameContact Info
LoadUp Junk Removal844 -239 -7711
Willy’s Hauling and Junk Removal916 -891 -7889
Beyond Junk Removal916 -698 -4300
Reyes Removal916 -799 -7560
Helping Hands Hauling916 -572 -6963
TCJ Hauling916 -770 -7619
Advance Disposal Inc 916 -444 -8676

7. City Of Sacramento Trash Pickup Holidays 2024

Sacramento garbage schedule is delayed once a day on all city-observed holidays. Residential trash will not be collected on the following days:

Martin Luther King Jr. DayMonday, January 15
Presidents’ DayMonday, February 19
César Chávez DaySunday, March 31
Memorial DayMonday, May 27
JuneteenthWednesday, June 19
Independence DayThursday, July 4
Labor DayMonday, September 2
Thanksgiving DayThursday, November 28
Christmas DayWednesday, December 25
Near Year’s DayWednesday, January 1

On holidays, the schedule is pushed to the next day. Suppose your garbage pickup day is Thursday (Thanksgiving holiday), then the trash cart will be collected on Friday, and so on.

8. Sacramento County Garbage Missed Pick Up

If your trash cart is not picked up or is delayed, then you should contact 311 or 916 -875 -4311 and request a special collection service. 

Keep in mind that the representative will enquire about the delay from both ends, i.e., you can drive the vehicle. So, be honest and explain the issue to them.

9. Important Contacts And Apps

Sacramento Public Works And Trash Department Phone# 916 -808 -5011 or 916 -264 -5011

For Any Change In Schedule: Follow the City of Sacramento official Twitter account for the latest information. 

SacRecycle App For iOS: Click Here!

SacRecycle App For Android: Click Here!

Sacramento Garbage Pickup FAQs

Is trash pickup delayed this week in Sacramento? 

No, currently, there is no delay in the trash pickup. If there is any change, all residents will be notified either through the app or Twitter.

What time does trash pickup start in Sacramento?

Curbside residential trash collection begins at 06:00 am on your assigned day. That’s why it is important to roll out your carts prior to 06:00 am.

Wrapping It Up!

As the nearest San Jose city to the southwest, residential garbage pickup begins at 06:00 am. Like the rest of the US, regular trash is collected weekly while the recycling carts are picked up every other week. 

The best thing is if you have missed your curbside collection, you can request a special pickup from the Sacramento Department of public works. 

The only thing that bothers all residents (guilty off) is that the bulky item collection service is only provided once a year, and even that comes with a limit of 5 cubic yards.



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