In the Plano city, residential trash is collected by environmental waste services. Truth to tell, the service is quite amazing and there’s no delay in pickup ever. 

So, now it’s the duty of residents to put out their carts to the curb on time. But almost every Planoite is searching for when is my trash day. 

Well, this is where we came in!


In this article, we will guide you in detail about the city of Plano’s residential garbage pickup, bulk collection, and recyclables schedule. So, let’s cut to the chase and skip to the good part.

1. Find Out Your Plano Trash Pickup Schedule 

In the city of Plano trash is picked up from Monday to Thursday, unlike the closest Dallas city or rest of Texas State. So, here is how you can find out your trash day:

  • Navigate to the environmental waste services map (click here)
  • Type your address in the search bar and tap enter
  • Your garbage collection schedule will pop up

There you’ll also find out your recycling, yard waste, bulky collection days. The best thing is all residents can download a monthly calendar and can also set a reminder to never forget their pickup in future. 

Find Out Your Plano Trash Pickup Schedule
  • How To Set A Plano Trash Pickup Reminder?
  • Go to city of Plano trash reminder homepage (click here)
  • Type your address and then pick one option from email or text reminder
  • After authorization, you can set a time to receive a reminder.

Key Points To Remember 

  • Residential garbage is collected every week.
  • Recyclables are picked up every other week.
  • Bulky and large items are collected once a month.
  • Collection begins at 7:00 am on your assigned day.

Plano Trash Schedule Calendar 2024

Plano Trash Schedule Calendar 2023

To download the 2043 calendar in PDF form click here

2. Plano Bulk Trash Pickup 

Bulky and large items are picked up once a month by the city of Plano waste management department. Apart from the regular monthly collection service there are three other options:

  • Special Paid Collection
  • Do It Yourself Disposal
  • On Call Collections (Available In Two Neighborhoods)

For large item pickup the city is divided into 4 zones where bulky collection is scheduled from Monday to Thursday. Have a look at the interactive map for more information.

Plano Bulk Trash Map

Plano Bulk Trash Map

Plano Bulk Trash Schedule Calendar 2024

Plano Bulk Trash Schedule Calendar 2023

Keep in mind that all residents can also download their early PDF map for bulk pickup (click here).

Bulky Waste Collection Information

  • Brush and yard trimmings are not allowed in monthly bulky pickup.
  • The limit of the pile is 6 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet.
  • Items over the limit will require special paid collection.
  • Don’t place items at the collection point earlier than five days from your assigned day.
  • All large items must be labeled as “bulky.”
  • Refrigerators, freezers, window air conditioning units, and water coolers must be scheduled for a paid pickup.

Accepted Items: Bicycles, toys, carpet and padding (cut into small pieces), furniture, household trash, lawn mower without gas or oil, mattresses or box springs, washers, dryers, water heaters and microwaves.

Unaccepted Items: Bricks, rock, asphalt, gravel or concrete, vehicle parts, tires, roofing material, compressed gas or air cylinders, building attachments or construction debris, glass doors or mirrors, and hazardous waste.

How To Request a Special Bulky Collection in Plano?

All city residents can arrange a special pickup by calling 972 -769 -4150, prior to at least two days.

  • Special Paid Collection service is $10 per cubic yard
  • Refrigerators, freezers, and window a/c units will cost $25 for each unit
  • You can request up to 6 cubic yard pick up service

It is also worth mentioning that you don’t have to pay the fee up front. Instead the charges will appear on your utility bill. 

City Of Plano Dump Locations – Do It Yourself Disposal

All residents can drop off large items at the Plano dump location. Keep in mind that for some items you might have to pay the fee. 

  • Fence panels, soil, brick, concrete, shingles and roofing materials, household hazardous waste are not acceptable.
  • All arriving loads must be secured so the material doesn’t blow from the vehicle.
  • You’ll need to present a proof of residence for entry to the drop off location.

Drop Off Locations

Across the city, there are 4 locations that accept the large and bulky items.

LocationContact #Address
121 Regional Disposal Facility972 -442 -54053820 Sam Rayburn Hwy
Lookout Transfer Station972 -234 -32471601 E Lookout Dr, Richardson
Custer Transfer Station972 -727 -63419901 Custer Road, Ridgeview
Parkway Transfer Station972 -596 -87094030 W Plano (behind Animal Shelter)

All facilities are open from Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

On-Call Collections – Available In Two Neighborhoods

As per the on call collections pilot program, bulky collection can be arranged for free in two neighborhoods. To schedule a collection, call 972 -769 -4150.

  • Only one 6 foot by 4 foot by 4 foot pile is allowed for free. 
  • Brush and yard trimmings are collected separately.
  • Some appliances require a fee for collection.
On-Call Collections

It is worth mentioning that areas marked as “Pilot Districts” are eligible for on call collection pick up.

3. Plano Recycling Schedule

Like the rest of Texas, residential recyclables are collected every other week. Apart from the curbside collection, you can also dispose of your recycling bin at the city damp.

  • You must wash your jars before putting them as recyclables.
  • Never place the mirrors or any sharp items in your blue bin.
  • E-waste is not considered as recyclables.

Acceptable Items: All Paper types, Aluminum and Steel cans, glass containers, All #1, 2 & 5 plastic bottles, containers with lids, /boxboard, small cardboard boxes.

Unacceptable Items: Styrofoam, plastic bags, batteries, clothing or kitchen textiles, light bulbs and mirrors, paper towels, facial or toilet tissue, aerosol cans, and wire hangers.

Plano Recycling Calendar 2024

Plano Recycling Calendar 2023

To download the calendar in PDF click here.

4. Plano Trash Schedule Holidays

The city observes 7 holidays year around. On all these official holidays all residential, bulk and recyclable schedules are delayed one day.

Martin Luther King Jr. DayMonday, January 15
Memorial DayMonday, May 27
Independence DayThursday, July 4
Labor DayMonday, September 2
Thanksgiving DayThursday, November 28
Christmas DayWednesday, December 25
New Year’s Day Wednesday, January 1, 2025

5. Plano Junk Removal Services

If you don’t want to do all the hard work by loading or unloading your vehicle at the dumpsite, then you can hire private haulers. They’ll charge a fee depending on the size of your pile and will do all the tough grind for you.

Top 5 Junk Haulers In Plano

Company NameContact Info
College Hunks Hauling Junk(972) 810 -7500
Stand Up Guys(214) 299 -7419
Junk King Plano(214) 730 -6965
The Junkluggers of Greater Dallas(469) 382 -4003
Two Men and a Truck(972) 382 -6851

6. Important Contacts To Remember

City of Plano trash pickup phone number: 972 -316 -0789

For Latest Information: Follow city of Plano Twitter official account for updates on any changes in pickup schedule.

Plano Garbage Schedule FAQs

Is plano trash pickup delayed this week?

Currently, there is no delay in the residential waste collection services. If there’ll be any change, it will be updated on the city’s official Twitter account.

How often does trash get picked up in Plano?

Environmental Waste Services provides weekly trash collection services to all Plano residential addresses.

What is the phone number for City of Plano bulk trash?

Call 972 -769 -4150 to know your bulky item pickup schedule.

Wrapping It Up!

Environmental Waste Services pick residential waste, recyclables and large items in Plano. The collection starts by 07:00 am on your assigned day. The cherry on top is that you can also request a special bulk pickup by paying a small fee.

Keep in mind that the recyclables are not included in the bulk pickup. For refrigerators and other cooling appliances you have to pay additional $25 per item. 

We hope that with our informative article we were able to help you out. While in the meantime be happy and do tell us, if we’ve forgotten anything to mention.


Jimmy Carter specializes in providing up-to-date information on trash schedules for cities and states across the USA. With a passion for community service and sustainability, Jimmy is committed to helping people reduce their environmental impact and keep their neighborhoods clean.

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