The capital of Hawaii produces 2.2 million tons of trash per year. And with over 345,000 residents, Honolulu’s trash pick-up schedule might be tricky to understand. 

But not anymore! In this article, we’ve got you covered with Honolulu trash collection Hawaii, bulky items pickup, and recycling schedule.


So, let’s cut to the chase and read in detail.

1. Honolulu Trash Pickup Schedule 2024


All residents receive three carts for sorting their waste. You need to put out your cart curbside on your collection day.

Here’s your quick rundown to schedule:

  • Regular residential Honolulu garbage schedule is collected once a week.
  • Recyclables and green waste is picked up once in two weeks.
  • The refuse must not exceed 75 pounds per container.

Now, the big question is, when is the trash day in Honolulu? Well, for that, the city is divided into 5 different areas, where garbage is picked on a respective day.

2. Honolulu Trash Collection Map

What Time Does Trash Collection Start In Honolulu? 

The pickup service starts at 6:00 am. That’s why all residents must put their refuse (gray cart) on the curb at 6:00 pm a day before their assigned day.

How To Find Out Your Trash Day Honolulu?

You can find your residential garbage pickup day through the city government site Opala. Here’s how to do it:

  • Navigate to the Honolulu Opala portal (click here).
  • Type your address in the search bar and hit enter.
  • Your refuse and recycling schedule will be displayed on the right side.
How To Find Out Your Trash Day Honolulu

Honolulu Trash Pick-Up Rules

Two types of collection based on property location are provided, automated and manual. But there are 7 rules for both types:

  • Retrieve your containers back to the property as soon as possible once the garbage is picked up.
  • Securely wrap sharp glass, light bulbs, metal, or any items that might cause injury.
  • Pour motor oil into an oil absorbent box before putting it into the refuse.
  • No liquid, concrete, or construction debris is allowed.
  • Only specific carts will be collected on the pickup day.
  • The lid of the cart must be closed properly.
  • Don’t overload your cart to avoid spillage.

It is also worth mentioning that residents must put their carts in such a way that they won’t block the road or mailbox.

What To Do With Broken Trash Carts In Honolulu?

If your cart is broken or leaking, you can take it to your nearest collection yard. You can also request service by calling 768 – 3200. For any assistance or problem reporting, send an email to

3. Honolulu Bulky Item Pick Up


There is no bulk pickup in Honolulu. But the city government has launched a special collection service with the collaboration of the Department of Environmental Services, refuse division. 

  • Only 1 appointment is allowed per residential address every month.

Keep in mind that you also have to give a description of your large items while making an appointment.

How To Make Bulky Item Pick-Up Appointment In Honolulu?

There are two ways to request the bulky and appliance collection service by appointment. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Online request
  • Appointment by call

Online Bulk Request

If you want to request the pickup by online service, you’ll need to provide your house number and street location. To fill out the farm, click here.

Requesting By Call

If you’re unable to fill out an online form, then call 768-3200 and press 0. An employee will assist you in scheduling an appointment.

What Is The Limit For Bulky Trash Pickup In Honolulu?

There is a separate limit for homes, condos, and apartments. Each type is assigned limited waste and appliance items.

Residency TypeBulk Waste LimitMetal Appliances Limit
Single family homes Up to 5Maximum 2
Single ApartmentUp to 5Maximum 2
AOAOs PropertyUp to 20Maximum 8

For residential buildings property residents, managers can also schedule a collective appointment.

Honolulu Bulk Pick-Up Rules

Once you get your appointment, the Honolulu disposal service will collect your big and large items. Here’re the rules you need to follow:

  • The maximum weight limit for bulk pickup is 60 pounds.
  • Your pile must not be longer than 6 feet in size.
  • For multi-family units, place items in common pick-up locations.
  • Keep in mind that the city crew will not enter into any vacant or private property.
  • Excessive bulky trash pickup schedule Oahu will not be collected.

If you think that someone is illegally dumping in front of your private property or empty home, report it at 768-3203 or send an email to

Acceptable Items for Bulk Pick Up Honolulu 

Broken furniture, small appliances, charcoal girls, bed frames, household pans, pots, mattresses, branches cut into pieces, and box springs are acceptable.

Unacceptable Items for Bulk Pick Up Honolulu 

Household garbage, hazardous materials, construction debris, chemicals, roofs, carpets, and large appliances are not acceptable.

4. Honolulu Recycling Schedule 


Like green waste, recyclables are collected once in two weeks. Apart from the curb pickup, there are also 6 recycling drop-off convenience centers where you can dump off your green and blue carts.

Honolulu Recycling Centers

Here’s the list of all 6 residential recycling centers for Honolulu homeowners.

Convenience CentersLocationContact#
Waimanalo41 -241 Hihimanu Street259 -7182
Ewa Beach91 -1000 Geiger Road226 -2996
Waianae85 -572 Waianae Valley 696 -4203
Laie56 -020 Kamehameha Highway293 -8714
Waipahu94 -071 Waipahu Depot Street676 -8878
Wahiawa71 -129 Wilikina Drive621 -3648

Honolulu Recycling Centers Timing

The recycling convenience centers remain open from Monday To Sunday till 07:00 am to 06:00 pm. These centers remain closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

The Limit: A maximum of 60 pounds per residential address is allowed.

Honolulu Recycling Centers Rules 

The disposal centers come with a limit. That’s why it is best to stick with the limit to avoid any problems. Here are 5 rules to follow:

  • Ensure to clean any waste spilled around your vehicle. 
  • Depositing garbage in the wrong bins will spoil recyclables and could impact your site privileges in the future.
  • No help will be provided at the site.
  • It is best not to bring your children and pets along. If you’ve brought them, keep them in your car.
  • Residents are allowed a maximum of two loads per day at the disposal site.

Acceptable Items For Recycling Service: Regular refuse in bags, green waste, logs less than 9 inches in diameter, a maximum of 2 large appliances per month, gutters, ladders, 4 tires per month, and residential fire extinguishers are allowed.

What Items Are Unacceptable: Animal waste products, wet kitchen garbage, medical waste, commercial, industrial, or agricultural waste, explosives weapons, engine, hoods, and doors are not allowed.

5. What To Do With Excessive Bulky Items That Honolulu Disposal Service Won’t Pickup?


 If you’ve got a lot of large items and bulk waste over the limit, then you need private junk removals.

They will do all the hard work for you for a small fee depending on your garbage pile size.

Top 5 Junk Removal in Honolulu

CompanyContact No.
Hawaii Junk Removal(808 -773 -0477)
1-800-GOT-JUNK?(800 -468 -5865)
H.T.M. Contractors Inc(808 -207 -2816)
Aloha Junk Man(808 -940 -0809)
Mana’o Junk Removal(808 -321 -4423)

If you’ve got old furniture, you can also donate it to local charities or goodwill to save your hard-earned bucks.

6. Honolulu Trash Pick-Up Holidays

Honolulu disposal service centers observe only two holidays. On holidays, the schedule is pushed to the next day. These festive holidays are:

New Year’s DayMonday, Jan 1
Christmas DayWednesday, Dec 25

Keep in mind that Monday’s schedule will be moved ahead to Tuesday, Tuesday to Wednesday, and so on.

7. Honolulu Trash Services Important Contacts

honolulu disposal service contact number: 808 -845 -7581

For latest information: Follow city of Honolulu on Twitter for any change in collection schedule.

Wrapping It Up!

Currently, there is no delay in the garbage pickup service. Residential trash is collected once a week, while recyclables and green waste is picked up every alternate week.

You can find your refuse and recycling assigned days through the Opala website. Place your cart by 6:00 am on your assigned day and retrieve it back by the afternoon of collection day.

There is no regular bulk pickup service available. Yet residents can request free bulky collection through appointment. In the end, we hope that with the help of our detailed guide, you’ll never miss your trash day in the future.



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