Is there a trash pickup on Veterans Day? 

This might be the most searched query of homeowners this year. Well, we all have been there. So, if you’re searching for the Veterans Day trash schedule, here’s your quick answer:

Your regular trash pickup schedule will be followed in most of the States. All refuse, recycling, bulky pickup, and street sweeping will be on time, and there will be no delay.

Well, that solves one problem.

But is this schedule the same for all states? Let’s find out!

Is There Trash Pickup On Veterans Day?

Yes, no curbside service will be affected on Veterans Day. So, your regular garbage schedule will be followed. Ultimately, it is best to check your city’s local website or call 311 for more assistance.

In Kansas City, Phoenix, El Paso, Miami Dade County, Dallas, California State, Florida, NYC, North Carolina, Texas, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and North Dakota, there will be no delay in trash pickup on Veterans Day.

In My State, Garbage Will Not Be Collected On Veterans Day? What Should I Do?


In some countries like South Miami, the refuse will not be collected. So, if in your city or State, curbside collection is delayed, this schedule will be followed:

  • No pickup on Veterans Day.
  • Trash will be collected on the next day.

So, don’t worry. You’re not going to miss your garbage pickup day. All you need to do is place the carts on the curbside on the next day.

Veterans Day Trash Schedule 2024

This year, Veterans Day will be observed on Monday, November 11.

So, the holiday falls on the weekend. The rule of thumb is that if the holiday falls on the weekend, there will be no change in the schedule, and a regular pickup schedule will be followed.

Waste Management Trash Pickup On Veterans Day

Waste Management will collect garbage on Veterans Day. As per the WM holiday schedule, curbside service, recycling, or bulk pickup will not be delayed. 

Veterans Day Trash Pickup FAQs

Is There Trash Pickup On Veterans Day In Philadelphia?

As per the Philadelphia trash schedule, there will be no delay in trash pickup on Veterans Day 2024.

Is There Trash Pickup On Veterans Day In Boston?

As per the city of Boston trash schedule, Veterans Day will be observed on Monday. So, the Monday collection will be delayed and pushed to the next day. 

Wrapping It Up!

In a nutshell, there will be no delay in trash collection on Veterans Day. Keep in mind that if the holiday falls on the weekend, your garbage schedule will not be affected.

Well, we hope that with this article, we were able to help you with the Veterans Day trash pickup schedule. If you’re still confused, call 311 or your city’s helpline.


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