Discover the Goodyear Trash Pickup Schedule, your go-to guide for efficient and timely waste management in Goodyear.

Whether you are a homeowner, renter, or business, staying updated with the local trash collection timings is crucial for maintaining cleanliness and order in your community.

Our comprehensive schedule provides all the necessary details, from pickup days to special waste disposal services, ensuring you never miss a trash day. 

City of Goodyear Trash Pickup Schedule

In Goodyear, Arizona, much like the Yuma trash schedule, trash collection is a weekly affair, but the specific day depends on your street.

Rolling out your trash carts to the curb by 6 am on the scheduled day is essential.

Remember to bring them back in before 6 pm the same day to keep our streets neat and orderly. This schedule helps maintain the cleanliness of our lovely city. 

To know more about your specific trash collection schedule, follow the below steps:

  • Visit the official government website here.
  • Select “Calendar”.
  • Enter your address in the search box.
City of Goodyear Trash Pickup Schedule
  • You will have your garbage collection schedule. 

Goodyear Trash Holiday Schedule

Martin Luther King Jr. DayDate
Martin Luther king Jr. DayJan 15
President’s DayFeb 19
Memorial DayMay 27
JuneteenthJune 19
Labor DaySep 2
Veteran’s DayNov 11

For all holidays, apart from the ones previously mentioned, there’s no change to your regular trash, recycling, or bulk pickup services.

Everything runs on schedule, ensuring no disruption to your waste management routine.

Goodyear Trash Collection Map

Goodyear Bulk Trash Pickup

In Goodyear, if you have bulky items like sofas, mattresses, or large carpets that will not fit in a regular trash bin, similar to the services offered in Surprise trash pickup, do not worry. 

The city organizes a monthly pickup for these oversized items. Remember, your specific pickup day depends on where you live in Goodyear.

To find out your schedule, Enter your address into the search bar on the official website. It is a quick way to discover when to eliminate the bulky items cluttering your space.

Acceptable Items For Bulk Collection

  • Max Size Limit: Items should exceed five cubic yards, roughly equal to the space of two pickup trucks. The only exceptions are furniture and appliances.
  • Lift-able Shape and Size: Items should be manageable for two people to lift without any risk of injury.
  • Brush Length: Keep brush lengths under four feet.
  • Grass Clippings: Always bag your grass clippings.
  • Sharp Objects: Items like glass or cacti with sharp edges should be safely wrapped or contained.

Unacceptable Items for Bulk Collection

  • Household trash
  • Hazardous materials
  • Large glass items, such as windows, doors, and tabletops
  • Material from construction repair or demolition, such as roofing materials, drywall, and concrete
  • Large auto parts
  • Boats
  • Tires
  • Oil
  • Rocks
  • Dirt or mulch

Bulk Collection Guidelines

  • Chop all items to a max length of 4 feet.
  • Double bag grass clippings or box them for pickup.
  • Seal and label boxes with glass or sharp items like cacti.
  • Set bulky trash by the curb, but keep it clear of walkways and roads.
  • Avoid placing items near utilities like electrical and cable boxes.
  • You can put bulk trash out after 6 PM the day before your collection, but no earlier than a week before.
  • Items set out after 6 AM on collection day might not get picked up.
  • It is on you to tidy up any small leftover debris post-collection.

Goodyear Recycling Trash Pickup Schedule

In Goodyear, recycling happens weekly, just like trash collection. Want to know your specific recycling dates for the year? Easy! Use the online recycling calendar tool.


Just type in your address! A full schedule of your recycling pickup days pops up. 

Acceptable Items for Recycling

  • Newspaper
  • Office paper and magazines
  • Plastic bottles, envelopes and wrapping paper
  • Construction paper, junk mail, books, and paper bags
  • Catalogs, glass jars, and bottles, food cans, etc. 

Unacceptable Items For Recycling

  • Ammunition or Explosives
  • Appliances
  • Medical waste of any kind
  • Landscape waste
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Tires

Goodyear Hazardous Waste Disposal

In Goodyear, if you have items like paint or batteries that should not be in regular trash, much like the specialized disposal outlined in the Avondale trash schedule, there is a unique way to handle them. 

These hazardous household items can be picked up from your curb only on specific days. Right now, Goodyear offers this curbside service.

For other dangerous stuff, you need to take it to a drop-off spot in Laveen. To do this, you must schedule a time to drop them off.

Goodyear Commercial Trash Pickup

Goodyear has teamed up with Waste Connections of Arizona to manage our weekly garbage and recycling pickups.

Once a month, they also handle oversized trash items, stuff too bulky for our regular bins. The schedule for these extensive trash collections changed from August 1, 2022. 

Junk Removal Companies in Goodyear AZ

Company NameContact Info
My Junk Cleaner(623) 337-7707
5 Star Dumpster & Disposal(480) 401-8900
All-In-One Junk Removal & Demolition(623) 341-2521
Az Junk Removal(602) 780-3959


In Goodyear, trash and recycling are picked up regularly. Yet, during holiday weeks like New Year’s, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, there is a slight change in the schedule. Each month, the city also gathers large items.

You must make an appointment before dropping it off at the designated center for hazardous waste.



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