Will your waste bins be emptied on the following federal holiday? “Is there trash pickup on Presidents Day 2024?” is a common question as the day approaches.

Presidents Day which takes place on 19 February often halts many public services, and garbage collection might be on that list.

It is crucial to know whether you should haul your bins to the curb or wait another day.

This article guides you through the impacts Presidents Day might have on your local trash pickup schedule, ensuring you are not left with overflowing bins and a lingering question.

Stay informed about your waste management during holidays, and never miss a beat on household upkeep.

Is There Trash Pickup on Presidents Day 2024?

Presidents’ Day puts a pause on trash and recycling collection, being a federal pause day. Missed pickups will happen the next Day.

To check your garbage collection schedule, visit phila.gov. Remember, will there be a trash pickup on Presidents Day? No, but it is back on track the following Day.

Garbage Collection Schedule on Presidents Day

Your Already Trash Collection DayYour Revised Trash Pickup Schedule
MondayTuesday, February 20, 2024
TuesdayWednesday, February 21, 2024
WednesdayThursday, February 22, 2024
ThursdayFriday, February 23, 2024
FridaySaturday, February 24, 2024

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Is Trash Collection on Presidents Day in Philadelphia

On city holidays, there is a pause in trash and recycling services. If Presidents Day has you wondering about your waste management pick-up, remember there will be a slight delay.


Collections resume the day after a holiday, pushing the week’s schedule back just one day. Keep your bins ready; they will get to you later than usual.

Is there Garbage Pickup on Presidents Day in Hillsborough County?

On Presidents Day, while the kids get a break because Hillsborough County Schools are closed, the rest of the area keeps bustling. Businesses and services in Hillsborough County are not taking the day off.

Also, do not worry about your trash collection schedule; your bins will be picked up as usual, with no changes due to the holiday.

Trash Pick Up on Presidents Day FAQs

What does Europe do with garbage? 

Europe makes a significant effort to manage waste by recycling nearly 39% of its garbage, demonstrating a solid commitment to sustainability.

Is LA sanitation pick-up free?

In Los Angeles, the sanitation department offers a helping hand by collecting oversized items that will not fit in regular bins at no extra cost. 

How much trash is in Philadelphia? 

Philadelphia grapples with approximately 1.4 million tons of trash annually, reflecting the massive scale of waste management the city undertakes.


If you are wondering about trash pick-up on Presidents Day, most services run without a hitch. It is business as usual for sanitation crews, so you can expect your bins to be emptied on schedule.

Now, do you have any special waste management tips or traditions for holiday weeks? Could you share your thoughts with us?


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