Are you looking to stay on top of your waste management routine in Columbus, Georgia? Our guide on the Columbus, GA Trash Schedule offers all the essential information you need. From weekly pick-up times to special waste disposal rules, we have got you covered.

This straightforward guide ensures that your trash and recycling efforts are as hassle-free as possible, keeping Columbus clean and green.

Stay informed and contribute to your community’s well-being by following the simple and effective trash schedule we have outlined for Columbus residents.

Columbus GA Trash Pickup Schedule

In Columbus, GA, keeping your neighborhood tidy is a breeze, especially with the handy Columbus GA Recycles app.

It’s your go-to for staying up-to-date with garbage, recycling, yard waste, and even bulky waste collection times. You can easily find this app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

  • Roll out your household garbage carts to the curb by the early hour of 7 AM on your collection day.
  • Remember, all household waste should find its home in the black rolling cart.
  • Space is key! Keep your carts a respectful 3 feet apart from any other objects.

The Columbus Consolidated Government is behind this smooth-running garbage collection operation. And guess what? The cost for this service conveniently appears on your water and sewer bill.

Trash Pickup Columbus GA Holiday

Floating DayJan 6
Independence DayJuly 4
Labor DaySep 2
Columbus DayOct 14
Veteran’s DayNov 11
Thanksgiving DayNov 28
Christmas DayDec 25
MLK Jr DayJan 15
Memorial DayMay 27
JuneteenthJune 19

Columbus Trash Collection Map

Columbus Ga Bulk Pickup

In Columbus, Georgia, discovering your bulk trash pickup date is simple, similar to how you would find information using the Smyrna trash schedule.

Just pop your address into the Integrated Waste app by Columbus Consolidated Government.

It’s quick and straightforward. Alternatively, give the Public Works Department a ring at (614) 645-3111 or dial 311. They are always ready to help you out.

Acceptable items For Bulk Pickup

In Columbus, GA, large household items like bulky appliances and hefty furniture, too big for regular garbage collection, get picked up weekly, the same day as yard waste.

But remember, no construction debris is allowed. Those items need a trip to Pine Grove Landfill.

Keep your neighborhood tidy and follow the Columbus Ga garbage schedule.

Unacceptable items For Bulk Pickup

  • Any construction or demolition materials resulting from the construction, remodeling, or razing of buildings, structures, or pavement. This includes bricks, stone, cement chunks, cement blocks, sand or gravel.
  • Any type of cylinder, such as propane, oxygen, chlorine, etc.
  • Any vehicle, marine, motorcycle, or lawn tractor batteries.
  • Any drum that contained fuel, oil, solvent, automotive fluids, or pool chemicals

Columbus GA Recycling Trash Pickup Schedule

In Columbus, Georgia, every week, your recycling gets picked up on the same day as your trash, a system similar to the Warner Robins trash schedule.


Need a blue recycling bin? No problem, it is free! Just call the Citizens Service Center at (706) 653-4000 to get one.

Also, there is an app, Columbus GA Recycles. It’s super handy for checking when your trash and recycling will be collected, and it’ll even remind you so that you will not forget.

Acceptable items For Recycling Pickup

  • Plastic #1–#7, but not plastic bags or straws
  • Cardboard, flattened
  • Paper, including envelopes, magazines, and junk mail
  • Aluminum cans and foil, rinsed and clean
  • Steel cans rinsed and cleaned

Unacceptable items For Recycling Pickup

  • Oil
  • Fuel
  • Antifreeze
  • Asbestos
  • Radioactive materials or closed containers
  • Propane or tanks
  • Ammunition shells or other explosives ordnance

Recycling Trash Guidelines

  • Remember to roll out your black garbage cart to the curb by 7 AM on collection day.
  • Keep carts 3 feet apart from other objects for easy pick-up.
  • Your garbage collection fee is included in your water and sewer bill, courtesy of the Columbus Consolidated Government.
  •  Only use the black carts provided for all household trash disposal.

Columbus GA Commercial Trash Pickup

In Columbus, Georgia, if you need to get rid of trash, these are the go-to spots, much like the services outlined in the Decatur garbage pickup schedule.

The Columbus Collection Company, stationed at 2015 Veterans Parkway, is your one-stop for all things waste: they collect, transfer, dump, and recycle.

Over at Mark Dunning Industries, they are experts in bulky waste solutions, offering roll-off, compactor, and front-load services.

Clean Management is your solution for tricky waste like hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials.

And if you are wondering about your regular garbage pick-up? The Columbus Consolidated Government handles that, and the cost is conveniently added to your water and sewer bill.

Junk Removal Companies in Columbus GA

Company NameContact Info
JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Columbus+1 706-616-4002
Junk Monkey Junk Removal+1 706-587-7516
LoadUp Junk Removal+1 844-239-7711
Anderson Trash Removal+1 706-577-3937

Columbus GA Trash Schedule FAQs

What are the trash rules in Columbus, GA?

In Columbus, GA, make sure to put your household garbage carts curbside before 7 AM on your collection day.

Who picks up trash in Columbus, GA?

In Columbus, GA, the trash collection squad is the Columbus Consolidated Government. They have got your garbage needs covered.

How much is trash in Columbus?

Do you have trash in Columbus, GA? It will cost you around $12 to $15 monthly for each household to keep things clean.

What is recyclable in Columbus, GA?

In Columbus, GA, your blue recycling bin is ready for aluminum cans, paper, and plastic bottles.

How do I bulk pick up at Columbus 311?

Need to dump bulky items in Columbus? Just ring up the City’s 311 Customer Service Center at 311 or (614) 645-3111, or visit their 311 page online to schedule a pick-up.


We hope this guide has equipped you with all the essentials for navigating Columbus’ trash pickup schedule seamlessly.

Our commitment is to deliver the latest and most accurate information to make your experience unforgettable.

If there is anything more you require or any queries you might have, please feel free to reach out.

We are here to ensure your trash disposal journey in Columbus is as smooth and efficient as possible. 



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