Keep calm and jingle all the way!

It’s Christmas Day and officially the holiday season has begun. We all do believe in the magic of Christmas but trash pickup.

There is so much waste to dispose of, from Christmas trees to regular refuse. So, if you’re searching for the Christmas trash pickup schedule, here’s what you need to know:

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There will be no curbside garbage collection on Christmas Day. Solid waste collection will be delayed and pushed to the next day.

You can dispose of the Christmas tree to the nearest local park by 10 January or request curbside service from the city’s waste management and sanitation department.

Though it seems pretty easy, there is much you need to do about the trash collection after 25th December. That’s why, we have done our detailed research to guide you in detail.

So, let’s begin. Shall we?

Christmas Trash Pickup Schedule 

As mentioned earlier, no trash pickup service will be available on Christmas Day. It is a statutory holiday and all recycling, big trash, or street sweeping service will be delayed one day.

  • No pickup on Monday (December, 25th)
  • Monday pickup will be collected on Tuesday.
  • Tuesday’s curbside service will be pushed to Wednesday.
  • Wednesday collection will be picked up on Thursday.
  • Thursday pickup will move to Friday.
  • Friday trash pickup will be scheduled on Saturday.

In a nutshell, all your recyclables, large items, and yard waste will be delayed for one day only. Usually, it is collected right next day but in some states holiday trash is collected on either Saturday or Sunday.

As per the Fort Worth trash pickup schedule, there will be no collection on 25th December. We also reached out to the Kansas City waste management department and the representative told us, no curbside service will be provided on Christmas day.

Christmas Tree Trash Pickup 2024

What to do with the Christmas tree? Probably, it is the most confusing thing.


You may wonder whether you should throw the tree in your recycling bin or in your regular refuse cart.

For Real Tree

Most US states recycle Christmas trees to mulch for free. All you need to do is drop it off at the nearest park mentioned on your city’s Department of public works website. Keep in mind that the tree must be free of all ornament or decorative items.

You can also request special pickup service by the city’s government if you’re unable to drop off at the location. For any assistance call 311.

For Plastic  Christmas Trees

Remove all the decorative ornaments from your tree. Cut it into small pieces and then throw it into your regular trash cart (in the black bin). Ensure that there must be no bulb or glass attached to it.

Christmas Tree Trash Bag – Do You Need One?

Dropping off the Christmas tree can be hard as the wide branches might cause problems while you adjust them in the vehicle. So, it is best to buy a Christmas tree trash bag. 

As per the Philadelphia trash schedule, all residents must drop off the tree in the park. The bag will come in handy in this situation.

Not only that, if you opt for a plastic tree, you can store it using the Christmas tree trash bag and ensure a mess free tree next year (kind of a new one!).

Christmas Lights Recycle Or Trash – What To Do?

The short answer is, “Never toss Christmas lights in your trash cart or recycling bin.”


Christmas lights fall under the category of electronics and you must never mix them with your regular solid waste.

Where To Recycle Christmas Lights?

Whether you have faulty or perfectly good lights, you can always recycle them. Here’re your top 3 options:

  • Give them to a local charity
  • Sell them to your nearest hardware store
  • Drop off at the nearest recycling center

Hardware stores like, the Home Depot, Ace, Lowe’s, and True Value usually accept both working and faulty Christmas lights. This way you can also make some money.

If no store or Goodwill is nearby, then always drop off the lights at the nearest recycling center. In some cities, you can request a special pickup, then pack and place the lights next to your cart.

Waste Management Christmas Trash Pickup Schedule

As per the Waste Management trash holiday schedule, there will be no collection on Christmas Day. For trees and lights, residents need to request a special pickup service, at the additional cost.

Christmas Day Trash Pickup FAQs

When is trash the day after Christmas?

No residential garbage will be collected on December 25th. The curbside collection will be delayed and pushed to the next day.

 Is trash pickup delayed on Christmas?

Yes, trash, recycling, and bulky pickup will be delayed on Christmas.

How to dispose of broken Christmas lights?

You can sell old or broken Christmas lights at local hardware stores, give them to charity or drop them off at the nearest recycling center.

Where to dispose of a Christmas tree?

All residents need to drop off their Christmas trees to the city’s approved park. In some cities like Philadelphia, you can also request free curbside collection services for real trees. Apart from it, you can also make mulch out of it and use it as organic compost.

Wrapping It Up!

We don’t want you to worry a bit, especially on Christmas Day. The curbside residential service will be delayed and pushed to the next day. So, there is no need to panic that you’ll miss your trash day.

When it comes to the Christmas tree, you can’t place it into your regular trash. You must drop it off at the nearest park. But the best solution is to convert it into mulch and enrich your yard.

Never toss old Christmas lights into recycling bins or refuse carts. You can sell or gift them. If none of it is possible, then always drop them off at the nearest recycling center.

In the end, we want you to enjoy the day and the team of Trash Schedule wishes you a joyous Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


Jimmy Carter specializes in providing up-to-date information on trash schedules for cities and states across the USA. With a passion for community service and sustainability, Jimmy is committed to helping people reduce their environmental impact and keep their neighborhoods clean.

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