In this article, we will guide you about the city of Chilliwack garbage days, recycling schedule, large items pickup and holiday schedule.

Chilliwack Garbage Days 2023

Curbside residential garbage is collected from Tuesday to Friday. The pickup begins at 7 am.  For swift collection service, the city is divided into 4 zones, with a day assigned to each zone. 

Here is how you can find your Chilliwack garbage schedule and assigned day:

  • Navigate to the city’s official website (click here)
  • Type your address in the search box
  • Your collection schedule will be displayed

Keep in mind that the garbage and sharp glass items are collected every other week, while the recycling and yard waste bins are collected every week.

2. Get Your Yearly Chilliwack Garbage Calendar

Residents can get a paper copy of the yearly calendar upon request. However, you can also download the same pdf copy for quick access. (click here)

Get Your Yearly Chilliwack Garbage Calendar

As mentioned earlier, the city is divided into 4 zones. Furthermore, each zone is separated into two sections. Garbage and glass are collected biweekly, one week from zone A and one week from zone B.

  • Tuesday is assigned to zone A (purple area)
  • Wednesday is assigned to zone B (blue area)
  • Thursday is assigned to zone C (green area)
  • Friday is assigned to zone D (yellow area)

Keep in mind that if you miss placing your garbage (black bag) on time, no service will be provided, and you will have to wait till the next collection.

3. Report Missed Garbage Collection

If you’ve placed the garbage on time, following all the rules and regulations and still, your carts are not emptied. Then, you need to report a missed garbage collection at 604 -795 -7795.

chilliwack garbage schedule

It is the responsibility of the resident to report the missed pickup on the same day as of collection day. The city will arrange a special collection within the next 24 hours.

4. Chilliwack Recycling Schedule 2024

Recyclables are collected weekly. The city collects unlimited recyclables in 

25 kg carts. For your next recycling collection schedule, click here

  • Recycling containers must have handles.
  • Recycled supplied containers must display a “we recycle” decal. 
  • Lids must remain unhinged.

Even though unlimited recyclables are collected weekly. But all recyclables must be placed loosely in the city’s approved container(s) and must not contain any unacceptable item.

Acceptable Items For Chilliwack Recycling

  • Aerosol can
  • Beverage containers
  • Aluminum and metal trays
  • Caps and tops
  • Clamshell packaging
  • Plastic utensils 
  • Food storage containers
  • Magazine paper and phone books
  • Metal cans
  • Paper party supplies
  • Flattened cardboard

Unaccepted Items

  • Dead animals
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Glass and mirror(s)
  • Household hazardous material
  • Batteries
  • Electronics
  • Plastic toys

5. Chilliwack Compostable Waste Collection Schedule

Compostable waste is collected weekly in greet carts. Residents can also place a maximum of 10 paper bags of yard waste along with it. Click here to find your next compost pickup day. 

  • Residents can reuse food left over as compost to enrich the soil with nutrients.
  • Yard waste is only collated in paper bags.
  • The branches must be 2 feet in size and tied in a bundle.

If you’ve got yard waste that exceeds the allowed 10 bags limit, you need to place it in bags with a “tag a bag sticker” on it. 

Acceptable Items For Compostable Waste

  • Baked goods
  • Dairy leftovers
  • Food leftovers
  • Fruits and vegetables (peels allowed)
  • Coffee grounds and tea bags
  • Pasta and sauce
  • Wood sawdust
  • Yard waste

Unacceptable Items

  • Pet waste
  • Diapers
  • No BPI bags
  • Sanitation wipes
  • Construction debris

6. Chilliwack Bulk Waste Pickup 2024

Bulk waste collection is available to all residents but only in Spring. Residents can register for spring cleanout from Saturday, April 1, to Friday, April 14. The city collaborates with 4 different organizations for large item pickup.

Chilliwack Bulk Waste Pickup 2023
Area 1Valley Huskers604 -845
Area 2Independent Order604 -795
Area 3Streams Foundation778 -772
Area 4Big Brother604 -526

Residents need to contact their relevant company (based on the map) during office hours for registration and collection time for spring cleanout. It is worth mentioning that the city won’t accept household hazardous martial and construction debris as part of the bulky collection.

7. Got Bulky Trash That City Doesn’t Pickup? You Need To Hire A Private Junk Hauler!

Private junk haulers pick up every type of trash, charging a small fee. Junk hauler charges vary from location. But, usually, it’s anywhere between $450 to $600 for a full truckload.

Here’s the list of the top 5 junk haulers near Chilliwack:

Company NameContact Info
Fraser Valley Junk Solutions604 -226 -5750
Redline Junk Removal604 -791 -3112
1-800-GOT-JUNK?800 -468 -5865
Red-E-Bins604 -798 -3456
Mowgli’s Rubbish Removal604 -768 -7877

To book a hauler, call at least 24 hours prior to your collection day. Before you hire, don’t forget to ask about the accepted items. Also, getting an early estimate is always a good idea.

8. Chilliwack Garbage Pickup Holidays

On holidays, the collection schedule is delayed and pushed to the next day. Moreover, if the holiday falls on a weekend or Monday, there is no delay in the Chilliwack garbage schedule.

Victoria DayMonday, May 20
Family DaySunday, August 4
British Columbia DayMonday, August 5
Labor DayMonday, September 2
Thanksgiving DayMonday, October 214
Christmas DayWednesday, December 25
Near Year’s DayWednesday, January 1

All you need to do is place the cart to the curb on the next day. Suppose, labour day trash pickup falls on Tuesday, then your garbage will be collected on Wednesday. 

9. Important Contacts

Chilliwack Garbage Pickup Contact Number: 604 -793 -2810

For Latest Updates: Follow the city of Chilliwack on Twitter for updates and the latest news about any delay in the collection schedule due to holiday or weather.

Wrapping It Up!

Like the nearest Surrey trash collection, garbage is collected every other week in Chilliwack. Recycling bins and green waste are collected weekly. Bulky items are collected during spring cleanout.

On holidays, the collection schedule is delayed and pushed to the next working day. For questions or reporting missed trash pickup, dial 604 -793 -2810.



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