Do you have a space with junk? Houston junk removal services are provided to you right there to get relief from your trash. From cleanouts to construction debris, top-notch services are offered in Houston.

Feel free to call Houston hauling experts to remove a piece of furniture from your area or haul your big pieces. They are ready for you every minute to ensure you get rid of your junk properly.

Here, we have opted for the best Houston junk removal services for you. So don’t make those trashy items at your place anymore by contacting the following service teams. Scroll down at the end.

Top 6 In-Junk Removal In Houston 

1. Great Movers Houston – Furniture and Junk Removing Company In Houston

Make the best move ever with Great Movers Houston. They have fully trained, experienced, and reliable professionals who work in local moves. You can get them at your doorstep anytime, as they work 24/7 for their clients.

Credit: Great Movers Houston

The company offers to get your packing and belongings to your new place by carefully shipping them. You can get the services of heavy furniture relocation from this renowned company.

By choosing them, you won’t break the bank. They offer affordable prices as they care about your budget. Moreover, they do provide discounts for their regular clients as well as for special persons.

You can make in-state, interstate, and international movements of your belongings by contacting them. They will do it for you in no time. Contact these trusted movers and get a great experience.

2. Junk King Houston North Houston

Are you looking for the best garbage collection services in Houston? Look no further than the experts at Junk King, as Junk King is the most reliable Houston Junk removal service provider.

Credit: Junk King Houston North Houston

The only company that provides you with full-service junk removal Houston taxes and self-service dumpster rentals. You can Contact them for cleanouts with commercial services. From your heavy appliances to yard clippings or branches, they will pick up everything you ask for.

Thinking about what they do with your garbage or other waste items? They take them to the warehouse recycling hub. There, the things that can be recycled are sent to a recycling facility center for further Processes. 

As they are the dominating factory with the best Houston junk removal services, everyone gets curious about the cost it will take for your items. Their Junk King truck is a little expensive, but remember, they are 20 percent larger than other companies. 

Make sure to contact this junk pickup in HOUSTON, TX.

3. One-Stop Junk Removal Houston – Waste Management Service in Houston 

New month, new junk! One Stop Junk Removal Houston is here to lift your junks, load them, and haul them away. They have their specialties in junk removal, hauling, and local services.

Credit: One-Stop Junk Removal Houston

With affordable rates, they offer a variety of payment methods to make it more convenient for their clients. You can pay them by cash, check, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. Hence, clean your living place with a swipe.

Customers contact them from Monday to Saturday. No services are provided on Sundays. They are open from 7 am to 5 pm, but on Saturday they get close at 2 pm. Clean your houses, apartments, garages, lawns, and debris by calling them at specific times.

There is no job, big or small, for them. The company removes all the junk in just a day. Recycle your items with their green initiative and have a great experience.

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4. Sunny Trash Hauling Houston

Sunny Trash Hauling Houston is the most recommended team service to be hired for your commercial and apartment valet Trash pickup.

Credit: Sunny Trash Hauling Houston

They will serve you with their best professional, background-checked members to ensure you the best service you would be ready to pay for.

With their easy scheduling and upfront pricing, they provide top-notch services of Residential trash hauling. Their commitment to responsible waste Management is experienced by the locals and is guaranteed.

The company understands the urgency of removing your junk. Contact them if you want a quality and professional team for your trash hauling, and always remember Madeleine’s professional work.

Grab your phones and call the trash hauling HOUSTON famous company for their affordable services.

5. Old Furniture Pickup Houston 

Old Furniture Pickup Houston provides specialized furniture and junk removal services. Get your furniture passed through the recycling process, or donate it with the help of this company.

Credit: Old Furniture Pickup Houston

Customers are happy with their services as they finish their work in the required time. Randy is a very cooperative and responsible member of their team. 

Heavy sofas and heavy furniture are easily removed or shifted to the other floors by them per their customer’s demand by following the time frame. The team members mark no such lethargic attitude.

It’s recommended chiefly because of its affordable rates. They provide services at lower rates than other junk removal HOUSTON Texas companies.

Call them up for all your haul-away needs.

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6. Trash N Dash Houston

Friendliest and best price serviced company for all. They provide services like house and garage cleanouts, mattress removal and disposal, appliance removal and disposal, junk removal, trash removal, and furniture removal services.

Credit: Trash N Dash Houston

Customers are happy to work with Anastasia, one of the team members known for her cooperative and responsible manner.

The company offers affordable price packages for their Customers. Moreover, they do their work without taking an extra minute from their customers. The clients are happy because of their attitude of on-time arrival.

Make an appointment with this eco-friendly dump removal and for convenient services of rental dumpsters. Say goodbye to all your waste items and junk with Trash N Dash Houston’s junk removal services.

Junk Removal Houston FAQs

How do I get rid of junk in Houston?

If you have junk and want to get rid of it, you can first contact a professional junk removal or dumpster rental company with affordable prices.

Moreover, you can recycle them with the help of a proper guide. By donating your unwanted stuff, you can eliminate most of the junk at your place.

How do I get rid of a ton of junk?

You can do that by ordering a dumpster from one of the trusted companies. Pay them and get clean with your space. Secondly, you can dispose of them by calling a junk removal company that can donate or recycle them. 

How much junk is too much?

The junk is considered too much when it occupies a large space of your living. Or when it requires frequent trips by the dumpster to the junk removal company because it can’t fit in the perfect-sized dumpster. 


When it comes to finding a  junk removal company, search for a reliable, efficient, and responsible one. The team members should be Cooperative and guide you about their disposal procedures.

Must take services from the companies mentioned above, as all are well renowned and best suited for customer-friendly environments.

It is better to clean your junk at the end of every month, as doing a regular decluttering session will help you maintain a clean living space with no worries about waste.

Say Goodbye to the junks and hello to the relief!


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