Are you looking for the 2024 trash pickup times in Tampa? You will find all you need here for regular, bulk, and holiday collections. Tampa sits in Hillsborough County, close to Clearwater, Largo, Bradenton, and Sarasota.

If your garbage day changes, the day they clean your street might change, too. Keep this in mind and check for the latest garbage pickup Tampa, Florida updates to stay informed.

Why Will My Trash Pickup Take Place In Tampa?

  • Twice-Weekly Trash Pickup: Every Tampa home gets its blue carts emptied twice a week. Remember to roll yours out!
  • Weekly Recycling & Yard Waste: Green carts for recycling and yard waste are handled weekly. Remember, yard clippings should be light—under 50 pounds.
  • Early Bird Gets the Trash: Have your carts out by 6 AM, collection day. Set your alarm!
  • Spacing is Key: Keep carts 3 feet apart and away from cars. It helps the collection crew do their job.
  • All-Day Service: Trucks might be around from sunrise to evening, so watch out.
  • Sunset Rule: Carts should be out of sight from the street once the sun dips. Let’s keep Tampa tidy!

Tampa Trash Collection Map 2024

Garbage Collection Holidays in Tampa!

On certain holidays, you might see a shift in when your trash gets picked up. Therefore, follow the instructions below to know your trash pickup on certain holidays: For those in nearby areas, like Manatee County, make sure to check the Manatee County Trash Schedule for any specific holiday adjustments to their services as well.

1. Visit the official Tampa Gov Website here.

2. You will find a search box and type your address there.

3. You will get the holiday schedule for your respective area.

For questions regarding collection, customers may contact the City of Tampa Utilities Call Center at (813) 274-8811.

Missed Pickups

Did you miss your Tampa garbage pickup? No need to worry. Reach out to Solid Waste Customer Service. They help when trash, recycle bins or yard debris are overlooked. Just hop onto the Solid Waste Customer Service Portal to report a skipped pickup or another trash dilemma. Quick and easy!

Bulk Waste Pickup Calendar

Do you have a bulky item that will not fit in your regular trash bin? Republic Services’ Special Services Division has got you covered.


They pick up the big stuff like appliances, furniture, and heaps of brush, which the regular trash team needs help to take. Just make sure you follow the same rules as you would for a S.W.E.E.P. pickup. Easy. Keep it tidy and ready, and they will handle the hefty lifting.

  • Please stay clear of the truck for your safety and let the pros do their thing.
  • They can’t pick up if your stuff’s blocked by cars or anything else.
  • Please keep it away from trees, wires, meters, and boxes to avoid mishaps.
  • Wrap up glass-like mirrors or window panes to keep them intact.
  • Dumping waste at empty properties is a no-go; it’s illegal and will be checked out.

Remember, following the “Tampa garbage collection schedule” helps keep everything running smoothly!

 Accepted Items For Bulk Garbage Collection

  • Household Appliances Furniture Mattresses
  • Barbecue Grills
  • Toilets
  • Carpet
  • Flat Glass (duct taped or wrapped)
  • Tires (up to 4 tires total)
  • Yard Waste (cut down to 4 feet)

Non-Accepted Items For Bulk Garbage Collection

  • Building materials (sheds, fences, tile, pipe, wood/plywood, brick, concrete blocks, rocks, doors, roofing material, windows, drywall)
  • Electronics*
  • Household Hazardous Waste (paints, solvents, oil or fuels)
  • Pressurized Gas Cylinders, Explosives/Ammunition
  • Metal drums
  • Tires with rims
  • Boats

Recycling Collection Calendar 2024

When scouting for junk pick-up services in Tampa, FL, remember: the city needs to play favorites with the companies listed in their search tool. Just because a company is not listed does not mean the city’s giving them the cold shoulder.

For those outside of Tampa, such as in Collier County, trash pickup policies might differ, so it’s worth comparing the guidelines in your area.

Also, making the list is not a gold star for following all the eco-rules. It’s smart to shop around—compare services prices and find the best deal.

Hiring A Private Junk Hauler in Tampa, FL

Here’s the list of the 5 Best Tampa haulers near you:

Company NameContact Info
Stand Up Guys Junk Removal +1 813-512-0480
Junk King Tampa +1 813-377-2988
Junk Removal Tampa | Dump My Junk LLc +1 813-686-6406
Indio The Hauler Junk Removal+1 813-389-4170
Junk Shot Junk Removal+1 813-669-2455

Tampa Trash Schedule FAQs

Is the city of Tampa trash collection on New Year’s Day? 

No, Tampa takes a break from trash collection on New Year’s Day. You’ll want to hold onto your festive leftovers until the next scheduled pick-up rolls around.

How do I get rid of debris in Hillsborough County?

Got a pile of debris in Hillsborough County? Toss it responsibly at the county’s designated spots. Just be ready to cover the disposal fee. Or give Solid Waste a ring at (813) 272-5680 for a hand.

What does program sweep mean? 

It checks out how you are using your accounts and zips your cash over to a money market account for safekeeping and maybe a little growth.


We hope you have found everything you need regarding Tampa’s trash collection schedule. Our goal is to keep you updated with the latest details. If there is more you need to know, we are here to help—just reach out.



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