LA’s illegal dumping problem is worsening. Well, one of the potential reasons is missed trash day and no awareness about free bulky drop-off sites. 

Well, this is the reason we are here to help you. So you can get rid of your residential garbage legally and on time. 

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Be assured that this article will be your ultimate guide to Los Angeles. California trash pickup schedule, rules, recycling centers, and much more about LA sanitation. 

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1. Los Angeles Trash Pickup Schedule 2024

Trash is collected weekly. You can easily find all your neighborhood information online, similar to Oceanside garbage pickup schedule.

  • Navigate LASAN official website (click here)
  • Type your address, and then tap on “Your Regional Services”
  • Your trash collection day will pop up
Los Angeles Trash Pickup Schedule 2023

Los Angeles Trash Can Rules

  • Place your bins to the curbside by 06:00 am on your assigned day.
  • Residents must remove the carts no later than 08:00 pm of the same day.
  • The lids of carts must close properly.
  • Don’t hang additional bags in your containers.
  • Don’t place your bin nearby roads, water meters, or mailboxes.

LA Sanitation Missed Pickup 

If any of your trash carts are not collected, then call the LASAN customer care center at 800 -773 -2489 and report missed collection. You can also request special service by filling out an online form

2. Los Angeles Trash Pickup Holidays 2024

On holidays no service is provided. Trash collection is pushed to the next day. The observed LA trash pickup holidays are:

New Year’s DayJan 1
MLK Jr. DayJan 15
President’s DayFeb 19
Independence DayJuly 4
Labor DaySep 2
Thanksgving DayNov 28
Christmas DayDec 25

Click here to download the pdf holiday calendar for 2024. 

3. Los Angeles Trash Collection Map

4. Los Angeles Recycling Schedule 

Recyclables are also collected by LA sanitation. The recyclables are collected every other week on the same day as your assigned garbage collection day just like in San Jose Trash Schedule. For more information on the LA recycling program, click here

Los Angeles Blue Bin Recycling

The city government plans to ensure that no recyclables end up in landfills by 2050. Currently, the LA is reutilizing 76% of the recyclables. 

Each home is provided with a “blue bin” where residents can put food, leftovers, and recyclables in it.


Accepted Items: All types of clean papers, flattened cardboard, paper towels, toilet rolls, properly rinsed food cartons, all aluminum and tin cans, glass bottles, and all plastic bottles labeled with #1, #2, and #5.

Unaccepted Items: Soil, wet-contaminated paper, broken mirrors or sharp glass, mini-blinds, garden hoses, rubber tires, oil, and construction debris.

Los Angeles Electronics Recycling

E-waste is accepted curbside by special appointment. Apart from it, you can also drop it off at S.A.F.E centres and mobile collection events. Call 800 -773 -2489 for special collection arrangements.

Acceptable E-waste is:

  • All electronic devices
  • Electrical cords and wiring
  • Electric or battery-operated toys
  • Appliances
  • Compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs
  • All batteries (including car batteries, household batteries, and rechargeable batteries)

Los Angeles Recycling Center 

If you have a lot of recyclables and don’t want to wait for special arrangements, then you can drop off all the recyclables, e-waste, and medical waste at one of the drop-off locations below. 

Los Angeles Recycling Center

Los Angeles Recycling Rules

  • Recycling is mandatory.
  • Always wash and dry the plastic bottles before putting them in the blue bin.
  • Don’t contaminate recycles by mixing them with regular trash.
  • Always flatten or break down cardboard before putting them in.

5. LA Sanitation Bulky Item Pick Up

Regular bulky trash collection service is not provided. But, upon request, special arrangements can be made. 

To Request Special Service: Call 800- 773 -2489

Residents must place their large items curbside. A special arrangement will be arranged the next day after the call.

Los Angeles Mattress Pick Up: Mattress is counted as the bulk item and is usually collected upon request on the same day of your regular refuse collection. 

Acceptable items for Bulk Collection

  • Mattresses, Couches, Doors, Carpets, Toilets, Electrical waste, Other furniture, Fridges, Yard trimmings, Shelving, Wood.

Unacceptable items for Bulk Collection

  • Automotive parts.
  • Oils.
  • Construction materials.
  • Commercial appliances.
  • Paints.
  • Medicine.
  • Fluorescent lights.
  • Cardboard (cardboard is only collected as a Move In/Move Out service)

LA Sanitation Bulky Item Drop Off

LA Sanitation & Environment will accept bulky items at five locations around the City monthly. Furniture, carpet, yard trimmings, shelving, and wood will also be accepted.

The drop-off locations are:

  • East Valley District Yard – 11050 Pendleton St. Sun Valley, CA 91352
  • West Valley District Yard – 8840 Vanalden Ave. Northridge, CA 91234
  • Harbor District Yard – 1400 N. Gaffey St. San Pedro, CA 90731
  • West LA District Yard – 2027 Stoner Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Central LA Recycling and Transfer Station – 2201 E. Washington Bl. Los Angeles, CA 90021

All of the five drop-off locations remain open from 08:00 am to 04:30 pm. 

6. Los Angeles Junk Removal Services

If you don’t want to do all the hard work by yourself, i.e., dragging the heavy items curbside or drop-off at the landfill, then you can hire private haulers. They will do all the hard work for you and will charge a small fee. 

Here’re the top 7 LA Junk Haulers that you can hire:

Company NameContact Info
Junk Junk Los Angeles(323 -240 -9226)
Junk King L.A. South Bay(310 -929 -1771)
Precise Junk Removal(626 -590 -3118)
Junk King Los Angeles(909 -332 -3964)
1-800-GOT-JUNK?(800 -468 -5865)
Down And Dirty(424 -421 -7184)
LoadUp Junk Removal(844 -239 -7711)

7. LA Sanitation Important Contacts

Los Angeles sanitation department phone number: Call 800 -773 -2489 to request any assistance. The assistance is available for 24 hours.

For the latest information: Follow the LA city official Twitter for the latest updates and any change in refuse collection. 

8. Los Angeles California Commercial Trash Pickup Schedule

Los Angeles County Public Works provides solid waste collection services for multi-family homes with at least five units, businesses in unincorporated areas, and single-family homes. They ensure proper disposal of commercial solid waste management Los Angeles, keeping the community clean and environmentally friendly.

Los Angeles Trash Schedule FAQs

Is there a trash pickup tomorrow in Los Angeles? 

Yes, currently, there is no delay in the trash collection service. The curbside pickup is only delayed on holidays and extreme weather.

Is styrofoam recyclable in Los Angeles?

No, since 2021, styrofoam is no longer recycled in LA.

Does Los Angeles recycle?

Yes, recycling is mandatory in LA. Currently, 76% of recyclables are reused, and only 24% end up in landfills. The City government has a plan to reuse all of the recyclables by 100% by 2050.

What can you put in the green waste bin in California?

All food leftovers, leaves, thin branches, fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, fish shells, bones, stale bread, and other organic material.

Where to dump trash in Los Angeles?

You can dump your residential garbage at S.A.F.E centers and mobile collection events. The city has 7 different landfills that are open for all residents.

Wrapping It Up!

With San Diego to the south, LA is one of the favorite places for tourists, and that’s why the city has to deal with tons of garbage every year. Household refuse is collected weekly, while recyclables and green bins are collected biweekly.

Unfortunately, the regular bulk collection is not provided to residents, but still, all residents can request a special pickup by calling 800 -773 -2489.

It is worth mentioning that recycling is mandatory, and you must tell the color of your cart while filling out a missed collection form if so. Residential refuse pickup is only delayed on the holidays and pushed to the next day.



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