Discover the essential information about the Clearwater, FL trash schedule with our comprehensive guide.

Living in Clearwater means enjoying pristine beaches and sunny skies, but it also involves understanding the local trash collection routine.

Our detailed overview simplifies the process, ensuring residents stay informed about pickup days, recycling procedures, and guidelines for bulky waste disposal.

Whether you are a long-time resident or new to the area, this guide provides all the necessary details to help you manage your household waste effectively and contribute to keeping Clearwater’s environment clean and beautiful.

Clearwater FL Trash Pickup Schedule

Did you know that Clearwater trash pickup and recycling details are just a click away just like Pensacola trash schedule? Check them out online, holidays included. Or, ring up the Solid Waste/Recycling at (727) 562-4920 for the lowdown.

Have you got bulky items like a fridge or couch? Just haul it to the curb on your regular pickup day. 

Clearwater Trash Pickup Holiday Schedule

New Years’ Day – Jan 1CLOSED. Monday’s collections will be picked up Tuesday, Jan. 2, and Tuesday’s collections will be made Wednesday, Jan. 3. Thursday and Friday’s collections will remain the same.
MLK Jr Day – Jan 15Business as usual
President’s Day – Feb 19Business as usual
Memorial Day – May 27Business as usual
Juneteenth –  June 19Business as usual
Independence Day – July 4Business as usual
Labor Day – Sep 2Business as usual
Veterans Day – Nov 11Business as usual
Thanksgiving Day – Nov 28CLOSED. Thursday’s collections will be made Wednesday, Nov. 27. Friday’s collections will remain the same.
Day After Thanksgiving – Nov 29Business as usual
Christmas Day – Dec 25Business as usual (there are no collections on Wednesdays)
New Year’s Day – Jan 1, 2025Business as usual (there are no collections on Wednesdays)

Clearwater Trash Collection Map

Clearwater FL Bulk Trash Collection

In Clearwater, on your scheduled trash day, you can get rid of yard waste and big household items, the same as Tallahassee trash pickup.

Things like tree branches, leaves, and other garden leftovers are considered yard waste.

For the bulky stuff, think about your big home items – washers, dryers, couches, and other hefty pieces. This service helps keep our city neat and handles your oversized trash efficiently.

Acceptable Items for Bulk Collection

  • Large household items such as washers
  • Dryers
  • Sofas
  • Furniture
  • Other large bulky items

Unacceptable Items for Bulk Collection

  • Dirt, rocks, sod
  • Plaster
  • Highly flammable liquids
  • Potentially explosive materials
  • Toxic substances
  • Biohazardous waste
  • Motor oil
  • Lumber
  • Metal
  • Construction or building material
  • Pesticides/Herbicides
  • Hazardous material
  • Paint
  • Electronics

Yard Waste & Bulk Items Collection Guidelines

  • Each single-family home and multi-family unit can dispose of up to 40 cubic yards of yard waste yearly, the same as you can do in the Deltona garbage pickup schedule.
  • Acceptable yard waste includes leaves and grass clippings, either in boxes or bags under 50 lbs.
  • Tree limbs and brush must be cut into 4-foot segments and tied together.
  • Loose twigs, leaves, and grass should be bagged or placed in personal garbage cans (max 32 gallons) and set at the curb.
  • For bigger items like thick limbs and stumps, cut them into 4-foot pieces and stack them neatly by the curb, away from obstructions. To remove large yard waste piles, call (727) 562-4920.
  • Removing a tree without city permission requires an arborist’s letter, as per Florida Statute 163.045.

Clearwater FL Recycling Trash Schedule

In Clearwater, Florida, if you are curious about when your trash and recycling will be picked up, check the city’s website like Jacksonville Trash Schedule.


They have got all the details, including what happens on holidays. If you would rather talk to someone, give the Solid Waste/Recycling Operations a ring at (727) 562-4920.

The city will take away big stuff like old sofas or appliances on your normal trash day—no need to make a special call for that.

Have they got some oil-based paint or other risky stuff to throw? The Pinellas County Household Hazardous Waste Center is your go-to spot.

They also have special events for dropping off household chemicals. Need more info on this? Their number is (727) 464-7500.

Acceptable Items for Recycling

  • Plastic bottles and jugs #1-7, excluding Styrofoam, plastic bags, and wraps
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Aluminum and steel cans, including empty aerosol cans
  • Mixed paper
  • Flattened cardboard and cartons

Unacceptable Items for Recycling

  • Plastic grocery bags
  • Plastic trash bags
  • Tires
  • Scrap metal
  • Electronics
  • Hazardous waste
  • Food scraps
  • Shredded paper

Clearwater, Florida Recycling Guidelines

  • Ensure items are spotless and arid.
  • Avoid caps, lids, straws, or remnants of edibles.
  • Shredding of items is a no-go.
  • Choose containers that are both wide-mouthed and sturdy.
  • Refrain from using Styrofoam containers.
  • Sidestep plastic bags and wraps for container material.
  • Position containers at least 3 feet away from any hindrances.
  • Thoroughly drain any liquids.
  • Deposit debris in a designated trash bag.

Clearwater Fl Commercial Trash Schedule

Clearwater’s Solid Waste/Recycling Department handles trash and recycling for homes and businesses.

They are open Monday to Friday, from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Remember, they are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Junk Removal Companies In Clearwater FL

Company NameContact Info
Hunk Of Junk Hauling & Junk Removal Services LLC(727) 325-3777
M&W Junk Hauling Solutions(727) 333-0529
Southwest Removal LLC(727) 686-7010

Clearwater FL Trash Schedule FAQs

What is the phone number for Clearwater trash pickup?

For trash pickup in Clearwater, dial (727) 562-4920 or report online. Be sure to specify the type of damage or repair needed.

How do I dispose of a mattress in Clearwater?

In Clearwater, place your mattress, along with other large items like furniture, at the curb on your regular collection day for pickup.

What do you call a trash truck?

A trash truck is also known as a refuse truck, dustcart, junk truck, bin wagon, or bin van.

What are sanitation workers called?

Individuals who collect waste are known as waste collectors.


Staying informed about the Clearwater trash schedule is key to managing your waste disposal efficiently.

Remember, the Solid Waste/Recycling Department operates Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, but is closed on major holidays.

Planning ensures your garbage and recycling needs are met without a hitch. For more details, always check the latest updates to keep your trash collection days on track.



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