Recently, overflowing trash and littering have been the two main problems for Toronto residents. The street bins are overflowing, and the continuous delay in the collection schedule is hectic.

That’s why it is essential not to forget your trash day. But for many Toronto residents finding their trash day is nothing less than hard work.

This is where we came in. In this article, we’ll guide you about Toronto garbage collection schedule, recycling pickup, large item collection and holiday schedule.

1. Toronto Garbage Pickup Day 2024

 Curbside residential garbage is collected every other week. So, if you miss your collection day once, you have to wait for 15 days till the next pickup. Here’s how to find your Toronto garbage day:

  • Navigate to the city’s government official website (click here)
  • Type your home address in the search bar
  • Your garbage (black bin), recycling (green bin), and green bin schedule will be displayed.

Right under the collection schedule, there is a pdf link from where you can download your yearly schedule.

2. Toronto Garbage Calendar 2024

Sick of missing your trash day again and again? Then, downloading the PDF calendar is the best option for you. Here’re the three quick steps to get your yearly calendar:

  • Go to Toronto City’s website (click here
  • Type your residential address and press the enter button.
  • Then, click on the “download pdf calendar,” and you’ll be redirected to the calendar.

3 Where To Report Missed Garbage Collection In Toronto?

If you’ve placed your cart on the curb on the assigned day, still it is not emptied without any note or ticket, you need to report a missed pickup at 311 or 416 -338 -0889.

Before you call and request special service, ensure three things:

  • The cart was rolled out on time (7 am)
  • It was not overfilled and contained any unaccepted item (like a dead animal or household hazardous material)
  • You’re reporting within 24 hours.

A special service will be provided if it is not your fault. On the contrary, you have to wait till the next pickup.

4. Toronto Recycling Schedule 2024


Recyclables are collected every week. Navigate to the city’s official website (click here) for your recycling schedule in Toronto.

  • The lid of your blue bin must be closed properly.
  • All items must be placed loosely.
  • Wrap only the sharp objects with newspaper or plastic sheets.
  • Don’t line your blue bin with the regular refuse cart.
  • Toss the extra recyclables in a clear bag. But the size of the bag must not exceed the height of the bin.
  • Cut the cardboard into pieces, so they can be easily adjusted in the bin.
  • Don’t toss any pizza boxes with grease and excessive oil stains.
  • Toss the foam pieces smaller than 10 cm (4″) x 10 cm (4″) in your regular garbage cart.

Moreover, you must ensure that there is no liquid in the cart as it will create an unwanted stinky smell. As for the recycling rule of thumb, throw the item away when in doubt!

Accepted Items For Recycling

Paper, junk mail, flattened cardboard, old furniture, wooden pallets, glass bottles and containers (with lids on), hard plastic containers, soap and shampoo bottles, retail shopping bags, over-wrap (e.g. from toilet paper, napkins, and paper towels), Aluminum cans, Aerosol tins, and foam polystyrene.

Unaccepted Items

Needles and syringes, Disposable masks, gloves, gowns, pads, Dialysis waste, Any items that are black, including takeout containers and bags, scrap metal, auto parts, small appliances (e.g. kettles, toasters, hair dryer), Clothes, shoes, Tissues, napkins, paper towels, and any type of cables. 

5. Toronto Yard Waste Pickup Schedule

From mid-March to mid-December, yard waste is collected from all residential addresses. To find your next yard waste collection day, click here.

  • All residents must place yard waste in proper kraft paper bags or rigid open-top containers.
  • Yard waste in plastic bags or containers is not accepted.
  • Secure all brush and branches in bundles no longer than 1.2 meters (4 feet), not wider than 0.6 meters (2 feet) and not heavier than 20 kilograms (44 lbs).
  • Residents need to drop off excessive yard waste at the drop-off location for a small fee.

It is best to reuse your yard waste as compost, if possible. Otherwise, you can also drop off excessive yard waste at the nearest city’s advised location.

Accepted Yard Waste

Leaves, small tree branches, corn stalks, pumpkins, and mulch.

Unaccepted Items For Yard Waste

Dirt, sod, construction debris, large and hefty tree branches, dead animals, and yard clippings.

Toronto Christmas Tree Pickup
Christmas trees are collected in January. All trees must be free of any plastic or ornaments. Trees that are not collected can be dropped off at the Christmas Tree depot locations, years around, at a small fee.

6. Toronto Large Garbage Pickup 

Items that don’t fit in garbage carts are considered large items. You can leave them at the curbside on your collection day for free.

  • No tags or appointments are needed.
  • Residents need to place the items on the curb themselves.

Residents with special needs can call 311 or  416 -338 -0889, and their large items will be picked up from their homes. Moreover, the city won’t accept construction debris or large items from commercial businesses.

The right thing to do is either give away large items for free to people in need or donate to local charities. This way, you can recycle as the city will crush or recycle the large items once collected.

Accepted Large Garbage In Toronto

Box springs, dressers, chairs, mattresses, patio furniture, sofa beds, wall frames and units, Appliances, including fridges and ovens (doors removed), barbecues (no propane tanks), carpets (must be tied), toilets, luggage, skis, lamps, baby strollers, and baby car seats. 

7. Got Unaccepted Bulky Trash That City Won’t Pick Up? You Need To Hire A Private Hauler.


If you don’t want to do all the hard work by dropping the excessive trash at the landfill, then hiring a private hauler is the best option for you. Speaking of our experience, ensure three things first before hiring a hauler.

  • Ask about the list of accepted items, as some haulers don’t accept construction debris.
  • Always get an early estimate to get the best price and value for money.
  • Ensure that the hauler is local. It will help both, as haulers from nearby cities usually charge more.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to search for the haulers yourself. We got you! Our team has done proper research, and we’ve picked the top 7 junk haulers in Toronto City.

Company NameContact Info
Take My Junk416 -846 -4600
JUSTJUNK Toronto416 -744 -8080
1-800-GOT-JUNK?800 -468 -5865
Junk Works647 -727 -8980
We-Haul Disposal647 -444 -5865
Big Ben’s Junk Removal416 -462 -0585
Ambrose Junk Removal416 -829 -1036

Once you hire a junk remover, it will be their responsibility to load and dispose of the items properly. You only need to clean any leftover dirt or junk.

How Much Junk Hauler Will Charge?
Usually, private junk haulers can charge anywhere between $400 to $650 for a full truck (430 lbs). For space comparison, in this space, you can adjust up to 20 regular refrigerators. 800 got junk is the most renowned yet expensive hauler, as they charge around $180 for a junk sofa removal cost.

8. Toronto Garbage Pickup Holiday Schedule 2024

Many residents got confused with the Good Friday and Christmas trash collection schedule. Usually, daytime services are not impacted. Have a quick look at the table given below to know more about the Toronto holiday schedule.

Holiday (Date)Curbside Pickup (day/night)Multi-Residential Front-End Collection
Family Day (February 21)No Delay In PickupOne Day Delay
Good Friday (April 15) No Delay In PickupOne Day Delay
Easter Monday (April 18)No Delay In PickupOne Day Delay
Victoria Day (May 23)No Delay In PickupOne Day Delay
Canada Day (July 1)No Delay In PickupOne Day Delay
Civic Day (August 1)No Delay In PickupOne Day Delay
Labour Day (September 5)No Delay In PickupOne Day Delay
Thanksgiving Day (October 10)No Delay In PickupOne Day Delay
Remembrance Day (November 11)No Delay In PickupOne Day Delay
Christmas Day (December 25)No Delay In PickupOne Day Delay
Boxing Day (December 26)No Delay In PickupOne Day Delay
New Year’s Day (January 1)No Delay In PickupOne Day Delay

On holidays, the collection day is only moved to the next day for the multi-story residential apartments. For example, the Christmas trash collection will be pushed to Tuesday from Monday, Tuesday pickup will be moved to Wednesday and so on.

9. Important Contacts

Toronto Trash Pickup Contact Number: 311 or  416 -338 -0889

For the Latest Updates: Follow the city of Toronto on Twitter for all the updates and information regarding any delay in the collection schedule due to weather or public holiday.

Wrapping It Up!

Regular refuse (black cart) is collected every other week while the recyclables are collected every week along with the green bin. The yard waste is only collected from mid-March to mid-December.
All residents can place large items to the curb and the city will take them away free of cost. 

If you live in a home, a single or double unit, your schedule will not be impacted by any holiday. On the contrary, your pickup will be pushed to the next day, if you live in a multi-story building.



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