Stay up-to-date with the Rancho Cordova trash schedule to ensure timely waste disposal in your area. Understanding the pickup timetable is crucial for maintaining cleanliness and order in the community.

Knowing the schedule keeps Rancho Cordova, California streets clean and environmentally friendly, whether regular household garbage, recycling, or bulky item collection.

Check the specific days and guidelines for efficient waste management in Rancho Cordova. Keep your surroundings neat and contribute to a healthier, greener city by following the local trash collection schedule.

Rancho Cordova CA Trash Pickup Schedule 2024

Your brown or black trash and green compost bins are picked up weekly, similar to the Citrus Heights garbage pickup schedule.

Your blue recycling bins are collected every other week. Use the calendar tool below to find out your collection days, download your schedule, and get free reminders.

Collection Guidelines

  • Set your bins by 6 AM, but only after or before collection day.
  • Ensure lids are shut tight.
  • Maintain a 3-foot clearance around bins and any obstructions.
  • Place bins on the curb in limited parking areas, avoiding streets or gutters.
  • Avoid placing bins in bike lanes when feasible.
  • Return bins to your property’s storage spot within 12 hours post-collection.
  • Store bins within, next to, or behind a barrier like a structure, fence, or landscaping to keep them hidden from the street or public pathways.

Rancho Cordova Holiday Trash Schedule 2024

New Year’s DayJan 1
Memorial DayMay 27
Independence DayJuly 4
Labor DaySep 2
Thanksgiving DayNov 28
Christmas DayDec 25

Rancho Cordova Trash Collection Map

Rancho Cordova Bulky Item Pickup

If you need to remove large items in Rancho Cordova, contact Republic Services at (916) 638-9000, a process similar to the Edco Escondido trash schedule.

For big waste pickup, ring customer service at (916) 875-5555. They’re available Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

Acceptable items for Bulk Collection

  • Appliances, Barbecues, Bagged leaves, Branches (maximum 4 inches in diameter and 6 feet in length), Carpets
  • Computers, monitors, fax machines, printers, cell phones and other electronic waste
  • Furniture (chairs, sofas, dining tables), Mattresses, Microwave ovens, Plastic pipes (maximum 6 feet in length)
  • Televisions, Tires, Toys, Untreated wood (including untreated lumber and disassembled fencing), Lawn mowers (empty fuel tank)

Unacceptable items for Bulk Collection

  • Automobiles or auto parts, Boats or boat parts, Backyard spas, Batteries of any kind
  • Bullets, shells, and explosives, Construction materials (asphalt, concrete, dirt, rocks, bricks, sheetrock, roofing material), Large tree stumps
  • Medical waste, Pool chemicals, Propane tanks, Steel pipes, Hazardous waste of any kind (examples: paint, pesticides, cleaning products, light bulbs, etc.)

Rancho Cordova Recycling Schedule

In Rancho Cordova, California, you can recycle using blue carts collected every other week, similar to the Modesto trash schedule.


Check out the calendar widget on the City of Rancho Cordova’s website to find out your collection days.

You can also view a neighborhood map to see when recycling is picked up in your area.

Acceptable items for Recycling Collection

  • Food waste and food-soiled paper, Branches less than 4” in diameter, Cut flowers
  • Grass clippings, House plants
  • Leaves, Shrubs, Weeds, Wood chips, Yard trimmings, Dead plants

Unacceptable items for Recycling Collection

  • Polystyrene foam, Palm fronds, Rocks, Sod
  • Flower pots (ceramic and plastic), Pet waste, Kitty litter
  • Plastic bags, Dirt, Household trash, Wax-lined paper products

Curbside Collection Of Used Motor Oil & Filters

  • Republic Services offers a complimentary service for collecting used motor oil and filters. To take advantage of this, adhere to the following instructions:
  • Store used motor oil in containers provided by Republic Services or your transparent plastic jug that can be securely closed.
  • If using your container for oil, ensure the lid is taped shut for a tight seal.
  • Limit your oil disposal to 3 gallons per collection.
  • For oil filters, use a Republic Services container or a sealable plastic bag (like a Ziploc) and make sure it’s properly sealed.
  • Place these containers on the ground next to your recycling or green waste bin.
    • Avoid placing the oil or filter recycling container in or on your cart.
  • To request complimentary oil and oil filter containers, dial 916.638.9000.

Rancho Cordova CA Commercial Trash Schedule

Contact the city’s Recycle Coordinator at (916) 851-8935 for information on Rancho Cordova’s commercial and multifamily solid waste services, similar to the Ontario garbage collection schedule.

Contact Republic Services at (916) 638-9000 for details on waste collection services.

Junk Removal Companies in Rancho Cordova

Company NameContact Info
1-800-GOT-JUNK? Greater Sacramento(800) 468-5865
K&M Hauling and Junk Removal(916) 676-3573
GNS Junk Removal Sacramento(916) 690-1938
D&K Haul Away Junk Removal Citrus Heights(916) 576-9531

Rancho Cordova Trash Schedule FAQs

How much is garbage per month in Sacramento?

The monthly cost for garbage collection in Sacramento is $30.51.

What is the garbage law in Sacramento?

In Sacramento, residents are required to place their waste in the green bin along with leaves and yard trimmings.

Why is garbage collection so expensive?

Garbage collection costs have risen due to investments in modern automated trash trucks, increased wages for unskilled labor during the pandemic, and higher gas prices.

What type of waste is most expensive?

The most expensive type of waste to dispose of is hazardous waste.


We hope this guide has helped you navigate the Rancho Cordova trash pickup schedule.

We aim to ensure you have access to the latest and most accurate information.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything more or have any questions. Your satisfaction and convenience are our top priorities.



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