Are you looking for the 2024 Oxnard trash pickup schedule? We have covered you with all the details on bulk pickup, recycling, holiday changes, and even maps.

Nestled in California, Oxnard sits cozily northwest of Los Angeles and southeast of Ventura.

<strong>Keep An Eye Out!</strong>
If your trash collection times change, your street sweeping schedule will likely change. So, always check for the latest updates to stay informed. For all things related to the city of Oxnard trash pickup, we are here to help.

Oxnard Trash Pickup

To know about your trash collection schedule, follow the below steps. 

Oxnard Trash Pickup
  • It will show you your waste pickup schedule.

Oxnard Trash Pickup Holiday

New Year’s DayJan 1
Martin Luther King JrJan 15
Presidents DayFeb 19
Cesar Chavez DayMay 31
Memorial DayMay 27
Independence DayJuly 4
Labor DaySep 2
Veterans DayNov 11
Thanksgiving DayNov 28
Christmas DayDec 25

Oxnard Trash Bulk Pickup Schedule

In Oxnard, if you have oversized items like sofas, fridges, or carpets that need to be thrown away, you can have them picked up from your house.

It starts at $35 plus the cost based on how heavy and big the items are. They will give you a price once they know what and how much you have.

This pickup is for household items but does not include big stuff for businesses. Some items might have extra fees for throwing them away correctly.

Oxnard Trash Bulk Pickup Schedule

Acceptable Items For Bulk Pickup

  • Refrigerators
  • Sofas
  • Washing machines
  • Water heaters
  • Furniture
  • Carpet rolls

Oxnard Trash Recycling Pickup

In Oxnard, dealing with universal wastes like old electronics, batteries, and fluorescent lamps can be tricky.


But the city offers free recycling for these items! Please drop them off at the Del Norte Buy Back Center at 111 S. Del Norte Blvd from Tuesday to Saturday, 9 AM to 3 PM.

You can also take some items to the Del Norte Regional Recycling and Transfer Facility, which is open Monday to Saturday, 6 AM to 5 PM.

It Is an excellent way for residents to handle these hard-to-recycle items responsibly. Need more info? Give me a call at 805-385-8060.

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Acceptable Items for Recycling 

  • Antifreeze
  • Single-use batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Carpet rolls
  • Carpet Squares
  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Keyboards
  • Televisions
  • Clear Finishes (e.g., Varnishes, Shellac)
  • Stains
  • Fluorescent Light Tubes
  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Mattresses
  • Box Springs
  • Motor-Oil
  • Used oil Filters
  • Unwanted or Expired Medications
  • Hypodermic Needles
  • Deck
  • Concrete Sealers
  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • Fax Machines
  • Cell Phones
  • Radios
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Hair Dryers
  • en Needles
  • Intravenous Needles
  • Lancets
  • House paint
  • Primers (latex or oil-based)

Unacceptable Items for Recycling

  • No Loose Trash Accepted
  • Paints
  • Chemicals
  • Batteries
  • Cleaners
  • Motor oil
  • Light bulbs
  • Construction Materials
  • Commercial Appliances
  • Sharps
  • Medications
  • Smoke alarms
  • Gasoline
  • Propane tanks
  • Rocks
  • Concrete
  • Dirt

Oxnard Commercial Trash Pickup

Oxnard’s commercial businesses are the backbone of our local economy. To support them, the Environmental Resources Division guides businesses in adopting eco-friendly practices.

These green initiatives are not just great for the environment; they can also cut costs, keep workers safe, and draw in customers who care about the planet.

The City of Oxnard’s team offers hands-on help and waste evaluations and even assists businesses in becoming officially ‘green.’

This helps them reduce waste and meet state laws for waste management. 

Top 4 Oxnard Junk Removal

Company NameContact Info
Migos Junk Removal Oxnard (805) 819-5374
Mobile Dump Junk & Trash Removal (805) 751-3744
GCS JUNK REMOVAL(805) 561-1091
Dude, Where’s My Junk?(805) 607-1325


Oxnard junk removal services offer an effective and environmentally friendly way to remove unwanted items.

Whether for residential or commercial spaces, these services ensure that your junk is disposed of responsibly.

This helps keep Oxnard clean and supports recycling and waste reduction efforts.

Oxnard’s removal services are your go-to solution for a hassle-free and eco-conscious way to handle your junk.



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