Welcome to your go-to resource for the Modesto Trash Schedule 2024! Here, we provide easy-to-understand, detailed information about garbage collection in Modesto.

Whether you are a new resident or a long-time local, this guide will help you stay on top of your trash disposal days, recycling guidelines, and special waste collection services.

We aim to make managing your household waste in Modesto as clear and hassle-free as possible.

Modesto Garbage Pickup Schedule

In Modesto, your trash gets picked up bright and early, from 6 AM until 4 PM, much like the Torrance trash schedule in terms of early collections. 

Where you live decides who takes away your garbage. If you are on Bertolotti’s route, remember they are open Monday to Saturday, from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.

And they take a break on Sundays and holidays. Need to ditch hazardous waste? Head over to Gilton Solid Waste Management. They are ready to help on Fridays and Saturdays, 8 AM to noon. 

City of Modesto Garbage Pickup Holiday Schedule

New Year’s DayJan 1
Independence DayJuly 4
Thanksgiving DayNov 28
Christmas DayDec 25

These holidays may cause your service to be delayed by one day during the appropriate week.

Modesto CA Trash Collection Map

Modesto CA Bulky Item Pickup

In Modesto, California, the best option for residents in apartments and complexes is to eliminate bulky items, much like the Ontario garbage collection schedule offers solutions for large item disposal.

If you have a big old couch or a fridge to throw, this pilot program’s got your back from March 6, 2023, to February 29, 2024.

The city offers two chances each year for residential garbage service users to say goodbye to their bulky trash.

Search online and request a curbside pickup using the Modesto Bulky Item Curbside Pickup Request or fill out the Modesto Bulky Item Drive-In Request Form to haul it yourself. 

Acceptable Items for Bulk Collection

  • Air Conditioners    
  • Doors, Ladders    
  • Exercise Equipment, Bicycles   
  • Plastic or Fake Christmas Trees 
  • Large Appliances (all doors must be removed)  
  • Mattresses, Couches, Chairs   
  • Patio Furniture, Barbecues (Remove propane tank)    
  • Tables, Desks    
  • Toilets, Sinks, Tubs, Hot Tubs    
  • Water Heaters, Water Softeners    

Unacceptable Items for Bulk Collection

  • No Concrete or Asphalt
  • No Construction or Demolition Debris, Wood, Yard Waste
  • No Dead Animals
  • No Hazardous Waste, Chemicals, Toxic Materials
  • No Household Garbage
  • No Items Associated With Businesses
  • No Liquids, Paints, Solvents
  • No Plate Glass, TV’s, Computer Monitors
  • No Tires, Automobile Parts

Bulk Item Collection Guidelines

  • Ensure all items are placed against the curb on the street, not on sidewalks or blocking access to driveways, fire hydrants, or storm drains. Remember, trash pickup in Modesto requires clear paths.
  • Only place items in front of your residence. Alleys are not collection points.
  • For small items, use your garbage container. This helps keep our streets tidy and manageable.

City of Modesto Recycling Schedule

In Modesto, California, residents have two choices for their recycling needs: Bertolloti Disposal and Gilton Solid Waste Management, similar to the options available in the Fresno trash pick-up schedule


They operate from 6 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon. Your blue recycling bin? Expect it to be emptied biweekly. As for the regular black trash bins, they get whisked away every week.

Need to drop something off yourself? The Stanislaus County Solid Waste office is ready to help you, bright and early, from 8 AM until 5 PM, Monday to Friday. And if you are looking to visit the transfer station, it’s open Monday to Saturday, 8 AM to 4 PM. 

Acceptable Items for Recycling Collection

  • Animal waste or litter box debris
  • Diapers
  • Flocked or treated holiday trees
  • Household garbage or trash
  • Masks, gloves, and wipes
  • Bathroom waste and feminine hygiene products
  • Plastic bags or packaging
  • Polystyrene items
  • Wood or lumber (small pieces only)

Unacceptable Items for Recycling Collection

  • Dirt, rocks, concrete, or asphalt
  • Furniture or large items
  • Organic waste of any kind
  • Hazardous, toxic, or e-waste (light bulbs, batteries, chemicals, paint, computers, monitors, etc.)

Modesto CA Commercial Trash Schedule

In Modesto, California, businesses can rely on WM for efficient commercial waste removal, similar to services provided under the Elk Grove waste schedule.

They provide a variety of bin sizes to suit different needs, along with flexible collection schedules.

Need a dumpster? Bertolotti Disposal has you covered. They are open Monday to Saturday, 8 AM to 4 PM, but take a break on Sundays and holidays. They offer a handy seven-day rental for curbside roll-off dumpsters.

Junk Removal Companies in Modesto

Company NameContact Info
Clean Slate Junk Removal(209) 876-0046
Toss Out Junk Removal(209) 231-4850
Clean Slate Junk Removal(209) 232-1626

Modesto Trash Schedule FAQs

Who picks up my garbage in Modesto?

In Modesto, your trash is in good hands, with Bertolotti Disposal Services and Gilton Solid Waste managing the pick-up.

How much is the Modesto dump?

Are you heading to the Modesto dump? Materials like concrete, dirt, and asphalt will cost you $25.00 per load.

Can you put Styrofoam in the black bin?

Keep Styrofoam out of the black bin. Instead, toss in tissues, kitchen rolls, wipes, and bagged menstrual and incontinence pads.

Can I leave bin bags next to the bin?

Avoid leaving bin bags beside your bin. Overfilling or side waste might lead to the council skipping your pick-up.


Staying informed about Modesto’s trash schedule is key for efficient waste management.

Whether a homeowner or a business, understanding pickup times and available services ensures a clean and organized environment.

Remember, regular trash collection helps keep our city tidy and contributes to a healthier community.



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