The Labor Day trash schedule is the most confusing one. In some states, the pickup is delayed, while in some, the curbside services are on schedule.

So, if you’re searching for the labor day trash schedule, here’s your quick answer:

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Currently, there is no delay in Fort Lauderdale trash pickup. Residential garbage is collected twice a week, and curbside service is delayed only one day on holidays.

This assures one thing that regardless of your hauler, the curbside collection will be delayed one day.

1. Garbage Collection On Labor Day 2024

Labor Day is observed on the first Monday of September, and it’s a statutory holiday. This year it will be on Monday, September 2nd. So, the whole week’s pickup will be delayed.

Garbage Collection On Labor Day
  • There will be no garbage collection on labor day.
  • Monday collection will be pushed to Tuesday.
  • Tuesday pickup will be collected on Wednesday.
  • Wednesday curbside pickup will be pushed to Thursday.
  • Thursday collection will be collected on Friday.
  • Friday pickup will be delayed and collected on Saturday.

Keep in mind, you must place your carts on the curbside on time on next day. Usually, all residents receive a notification on the app or through the city’s website prior to the holiday.

2. Will Private Haulers Collect Trash On Labor Day?

The short answer is absolutely not. There will be no curbside collection on labor day. Usually, all Federal holidays are observed by every company in the USA. 

We contacted Waste Management, Republic Services, and Rumpke and enquired about their schedule. Here’s what they have said:

Waste Management Labor Day ScheduleNo service on Labor Day
Republic Services Labor Day ScheduleNo trash pickup
Rumpke Labor Day ScheduleGarbage collection will be delayed one day

Though we have already done a detailed article on Waste Management Holidays, for double confirmation, we contacted them again as the answer was “NO.”

So, it’s clear that there will be no curbside collection whether your hauler is a private company or a city-provided service. Whether you’re living in Howard County or NYC, there will be no service.

Labor Day Garbage Collection FAQs

Does trash come on labor day?

No, there will be no trash pickup on labor day. Both county-provided service and private haulers pickup is delayed for one day.

Does labor day delay trash pickup?

Yes, labor day will delay your trash pickup by one day. If your garbage collection day was scheduled for Monday, then due to the labor day holiday, it will be pushed to Tuesday.

Is labor day a holiday for waste management?

Yes, waste management observes a holiday on labor day. So, there will be no pickup on September 2nd, 2024.

Wrapping It Up!

It is obvious for homeowners to worry about the holiday trash pickup schedule as nobody wants to end up with a missed trash day. But worry not because labor day is a statutory holiday. 

Well, if you’re throwing a party, then be assured to use reusable plates and ensure to make less mess. Though the garbage collection will be on time from the next day, you must think about the environmental impact first!


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