Are you looking for the 2024 Concord trash pickup info? You are in the right spot.

This guide covers everything from bulk collection and recycling to holiday schedules and maps. Nestled in California, Concord is surrounded by Martinez, Fairfield, Walnut Creek, San Francisco, Oakland, and Oakley.

Remember, if your trash collection day changes, your street sweeping schedule will likely too. Keep an eye out for updates and stay on top of your City of Concord trash schedule to keep your neighborhood clean and green.

Concord Trash Schedule

Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery is proud to provide comprehensive residential collection service bundles for one monthly price.

If you want to know about the garbage schedule, follow the below steps:

  • Visit the official government website.
  • Scroll down to the bottom.
  • Click on “My schedule”.
  • Enter your address in the search box.
  • You will have your trash collection schedule.
Concord Trash Schedule

Concord residents can sign up for the town’s municipal curbside collection program, which offers weekly trash and recycling services, similar to the Torrance trash schedule.

This program is entirely funded by user fees, meaning it operates independently of tax dollars

Concord NH Trash Holidays

If a major holiday is from Tuesday to Friday, they will pick up your trash on Saturday instead.

But remember, the Monday holidays do not change your collection schedule. And here is something handy – Veterans’ Day will not affect your pickup, even if it is mid-week.

New Year’s DayJan 1
Christmas DayDec 25
President’s DayFeb 19
Patriots’ DayApril 15
Memorial DayMay 27
Independence DayJuly 4
Labor DaySep 4

Severe Weather Schedule

In Concord, if the weather’s rough, but the roads are clear, garbage pickup will happen as planned.

However, it is a good idea to hold onto your trash until next week to keep the roads clear for snow plowing.

During a major snowstorm, when roads are too dangerous for travel, Waste Management will not make its rounds.

If your collection day falls on a storm day, your trash and recycling will be picked up on Saturday instead.

This change only affects the collection on the day of the storm. Other days will stay the same unless you hear otherwise.

It’s always good to stay informed about different schedules, just like how residents in Pasadena keep track of the Pasadena trash schedule for any updates in their area.

Bulk Trash Pickup Concord NC

In Concord, bulky waste pickup happens every other week on your scheduled recycling day.


What’s bulky waste? Think of oversized items that do not fit in your regular bins – like furniture, appliances, scrap metal, tires, carpets, and even building waste.

You can put out up to 10 cubic yards of this stuff or a mix of 6 cubic yards of regular bulky items and 4 cubic yards of construction debris.

Have you got something still usable? Consider donating it. For collection, make sure to bag loose items in clear plastic.

Acceptable Items for Bulk Pickup

  • Up to 10 cubic yards of regular bulky total (or 6 cubic yards of regular bulky and 4 cubic yards of construction debris)
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Tires: 2 Collections per Calendar Year
  • Used toilet in a clear plastic bag
  • Carpet and padding
  • Loose material such as drywall, insulation

Unacceptable Items For Bulk Pickup

  • Freezers and refrigerators (remove all food items), unit air conditioners, and other Freon-containing appliances.
  • Stoves, ranges, dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, water heaters, and other similar household appliances.
  • swing sets, pool tables, basketball goals, and any items that are too heavy to be carried by two people before placing curbside.

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Concord Recycling Trash

If you live in a place with up to seven units, you get weekly curbside recycling pickup. Ensure you put your recyclables out by 7 AM on your collection day.

You can use the special bin from Concord General Services or any sturdy bin marked for recycling.

Need a recycling sticker? You can grab one from Concord General Services.

<strong>A Smart Tip!</strong>
Place your trash bag on the open recycling bin. It keeps your recycling from blowing away on windy days.

Acceptable Items For Recycling Trash

  • Paper
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Cardboard and plastic

Unacceptable Items For Recycling Trash

  • Plastic bags
  • Styrofoam
  • Mirrors
  • Light bulbs

Commercial Trash Pickup

In Concord, each building can have up to three city-issued garbage bins, no matter how many businesses it houses. To get these or for more details, call 704.920.5555.

Businesses can also get up to three 95-gallon recycling carts for mixed recyclables, pending approval from the Solid Waste Director. The same rules for recycling that apply to homes also apply to businesses.

Junk Removal Companies in Concord

CompaniesContact Info
NH Junk Removal(603) 344-8201
Move It! Hauling & Junk Removal LLC(980) 439-1222
E. C. Hauling & Janitorial Services(510) 239-6487
1-800-GOT-JUNK(800) 468-5865

Concord Trash Schedule FAQs

Who picks up trash in Concord CA?

In Concord, CA, trash collection is managed by SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT. They are responsible for regular trash pickup and ensuring the city stays clean.

How much is garbage per month in Concord CA?

They provide a comprehensive waste management service, including a 32-Gallon Garbage Cart, for just $33.61 monthly. This rate covers weekly collections for garbage, recycling, and green waste.

Is picking up trash worth it?

Yes! Picking up trash not only keeps our environment clean but also helps in reducing pollution and protecting wildlife. It is a simple act with a big impact on our planet’s health.

Who owns Concord disposal?

Concord disposal is owned by the Garaventa family. They have been managing and operating this essential service, contributing to the city’s cleanliness and environmental management.


Understanding the Concord trash schedule is key to effective waste management in our city. Staying updated with pickup times and recycling rules helps keep Concord clean and environmentally friendly.

Remember, managing our trash responsibly is a shared duty. Refer to the latest Concord trash schedule for accurate and timely disposal information.



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