Tackling a mountain of clutter on your own can be a real headache. But here’s a breath of fresh air: Florida’s top junk removal services, especially in Orlando, are here to help.

These experts in Florida junk removal will handle your messy piles with ease, turning a daunting task into a walk in the park.

With their help, saying goodbye to unwanted stuff becomes a neat and stress-free experience. Whether it is old furniture, electronics, or just general clutter, they have got you covered. 

6 Best Junk Removal Companies in Orlando

1. Waste Pro

Waste Pro shines in the trash removal scene in Orlando, FL, not just for their efficiency but for the remarkable service of their team, even during special days like trash pickup on Martin Luther King Day. Drivers like Mark (0144513) add a personal touch, gifting a coloring book to a child, reflecting the company’s warmth.

Credit: Waste Pro

Their involvement in community events, like the Touch-A-Truck, further highlights Waste Pro’s commitment to the Orlando area. The staff, including Jermaine from Truck 521 and Lester from Truck 11030, are known for their professionalism and friendly interactions, making trash collection a pleasant experience.

In the Maitland area, Tim is also recognized for his positive attitude and dedication, embodying the company’s customer-first approach. 

2. Express Junk Removal – Reliable Junk Hauling in Orlando, FL

Express Junk Removal stands out in the Orlando, FL area for its commendable junk hauling services.

Credit: Express Junk Removal

Many appreciate the crew’s efficiency, particularly noting the courtesy and cooperation of team members like Christian, Twin, Gene, Mr. Juaquin, and Mr. Jean.

These traits make challenging clean-up tasks, such as garage clearing, much more manageable and satisfying.

However, experiences may differ slightly, as some clients encountered minor issues, like a damaged desk during service. Despite this, the overall experience with Express Junk Removal is predominantly positive, with many clients eager to recommend their services for junk hauling in the Orlando area. 

3. Junk Shot Junk Removal – Affordable Hauling Services in Orlando

Junk Shot Junk Removal stands out in Orlando for its reliable and affordable hauling services. Customers consistently praise their transparent pricing, which often undercuts competitors and the professionalism of their team.

Credit: Junk Shot Junk Removal

From timely responses to courteous interactions, their staff, including Viki, Ray Jr., and Patrick, make the junk removal process smooth and stress-free.

Outstanding for their quick action, even in urgent situations like removing mattresses with bed bugs, Junk Shot ensures a hassle-free experience.

Their dedication to providing fast, efficient service at competitive prices makes them a top choice for hauling services in Orlando.

4. Junk King Orlando – Dependable Junk Removal Company

Junk King Orlando has established itself as a leading junk removal company in Orlando, FL, known for its excellent service and fair pricing.

Credit: Junk King Orlando

Their efficiency in handling large-scale cleanouts, like garage declutters, is impressive, saving customers time and effort. Clients consistently commend the team’s punctuality, professionalism, and thorough clean-up post-removal.

The ease of scheduling and friendly communication further improve the customer experience.

Junk King’s reputation for being polite, efficient, and reliable makes them a highly recommended choice for anyone in Orlando seeking junk removal services.

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5. Global Rental Dumpsters

Global Rental Dumpsters is highly recommended for anyone seeking junk removal services near Orlando, FL. Known for their outstanding customer service, they excel in immediate dumpster delivery and pick-up.

Credit: Global Rental Dumpsters

Their flexibility and punctuality are a boon for those with tight schedules.

The professionalism and skill of their drivers, adept at navigating challenging locations, add to customer satisfaction.

With competitive pricing and a straightforward rental process, Global Rental Dumpsters is the go-to choice for efficient and reliable junk removal.

6. Junk It Plus Dumpsters

Junk It Plus Dumpsters offers reliable junk pick-up services in Orlando, drawing commendations for their prompt and careful service.

Credit: Junk It Plus Dumpsters

Customers like Liza and Gabriel highlight the team’s efficiency in protecting driveways during dumpster placement.

While most experiences reflect a high level of satisfaction, especially for tasks like home renovations, some customers have noted delays in pick-up.

However, Junk It Plus is recognized for its professionalism and quick response, making it a solid choice for those needing junk pick-up services in the Orlando area.


Choosing the right junk removal service in Orlando is crucial for efficient, stress-free cleanups.

Whether you need quick dumpster rentals, thorough site cleanups, or reliable junk pick-ups, Orlando’s junk removal companies offer a range of solutions to meet your needs.

Consider responsiveness, pricing, and customer reviews when selecting a service to ensure a hassle-free experience.

These companies are your go-to option for effective and reliable junk removal in Orlando.


Jimmy Carter specializes in providing up-to-date information on trash schedules for cities and states across the USA. With a passion for community service and sustainability, Jimmy is committed to helping people reduce their environmental impact and keep their neighborhoods clean.

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